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6 Best Pop Culture Costumes

1. Princess Leia – In honor of the late Carrie Fischer. All you have to do is put your hair into two little buns and wear a white long-sleeve with a white skirt.\

2. Laughing Emoji – It’s everyone’s most used emoji. For this, wear leggings and buy the costume.

3. ElevenStranger Things is the hottest thign right now. Grab a pink dress and some Eggo waffles.

4. Kardashian Family – The most interesting, but entertaining family we all watch. Grab a group of friends and dress in your glammest outfits.

5. Betty and Veronica – From the newest show come the two cutest best friends.

6. Kendall and Gigi – Another iconic best friends. Grab your best friend and get glam in coordinating outfits.

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