5 Ways to Spend Your New Year's Eve

New Year’s Eve is either your favorite or your most dreaded holiday. You may love going out with your friends and getting glammed up or you may prefer to be in bed at 11 and see the new year in the morning. Whatever your preference is, here are some activities that you can do.

1. Hit the town with your friends

For the people who enjoy going out, grab your favorite sparkly dress and hit the town. You have to be sure to get there early because venues get booked up fast! But, it gives you an excuse to make it a whole evening. Grab an early dinner and book it to where you want to be at midnight and then dance the night away.

2. Get take-out Chinese food and have a movie night

There’s nothing better than warm chicken fried rice and your best friends. Throw on your pajamas, open your fortune cookies and watch some movies. I recommend watching New Year’s Eve. Be sure to tune into the ball drop though once it gets close to midnight!

3. Make a home-cooked meal for your family

Spend New Year’s Eve with the people you love most, your family. Make a nice, warm chili. You will can even top the night with a delicious cake or pie. Then, go around with your family and talk about what you’re most excited for in the coming year. Maybe your sibling is up to something exciting!

4.Family game night

Bring some competition into the family room and bust out some cards and board games. This Thanksgiving, my family played euchre all day long. You can’t go wrong with Sorry or Clue. It will be a sure way to make the night go by fast while having fun.

5. Dance party

Plug in some cool lights, turn on the best hits of 2018 and go back through the year at the songs that were top of the charts. It’s okay if you’re not a good dancer, dance like no one is watching and jam out!

Wherever you are on New Year’s Eve and whatever you do, I hope it’s full of good vibes. Happy New Year everybody!