4 Facts About Hanukkah You Probably Didn't Know

Put on your yarmulke here comes Hanukkah! The first day of Hanukkah begins tomorrow, which means for the next eight nights Jewish people around the world will light the candles on their menorah, partake in prayer, eat latkes, and spin dreidels. However, Hanukkah is much more than that. So, in order to kick off the eight crazy nights here are four facts about this holiday you probably didn't know before:


1. Dreidels in Israel are different than everywhere else in the world.

2. The word Hanukkah itself means "dedication" and is often referred to as "the festival of lights."

3. During the eight nights, a candle is lit to pay tribute to a military victory and miracle that occurred over 2000 years ago.

4. The 4 letters in the dreidel stand for "a great miracle happened there" but in Israel, they stand for "a great miracle happened HERE," so the letters are different!