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26 Things #SaidMiamiGirlsNever

The catchphrase, “Said No One Ever” has recently been trending on Twitter and is typically used in a mockery sense or to express something that is of unpopular opinion. You’ll hear this phrase being tossed around not only in captions on social media, but also casually in conversation amongst friends. In lieu of this popular hashtag and in an effort to keep up with the times, Her Campus took to creating a list of 26 phrases “#SaidMiamiGirlsNever”.  

1. “I wish I knew more people from Ohio and Chicago.”

2. “I miss the preppy people from high school.”

3. “I’m not quite ready for spring just yet.”

4. “We never have any fun here. It is pretty boring, actually.”

5. “Harris has the best food. I would go there for every meal if I could.”

6. “Niihka is the most reliable website I have ever used.”

7. “Why don’t more people here wear leggings to class? They are so comfortable!”

8. “More people should wear their Greek letters.”

9. “I wish there were more parties at this school.”

10. “Brickstreet is literally never crowded. I don’t understand why.”

11. “Longchamp bags. Lame.”

12. “Eh, I’m really not feeling a pumpkin spice latte right now.”

13. “People who have class in Farmer have no fashion sense.”

14. “Bagel and Deli is just plain disgusting.”

15. “Man, it’s so good to see that the fraternities are so eager to have non-affiliated guys at their parties.”

16. “I love being woken up by the construction every morning at 7 a.m., I don’t even have to set an alarm.”

17. “Bless the kind folks at Parking Services.”

18. “The prices are so reasonable here! Totally affordable.”

19. “I literally could not find a seat at Yager this weekend for the football game.”

20. “I am so glad there is a Panera close by!”

21. “Our sidewalks are so even!”

22. “Where are all of the country music fans? They seem nonexistent.”

23. “What’s the company that makes all the whale stuff?”

24. “I wish we had more cornfields around.”

25. “This wifi is fantastic. Works like a charm.”

26. “I really wish I had gone to Ohio University.”

And there you have it, collegiettes–our list of sayings that we have ironically never heard Miami girls utter. Yipee its Monday…”said no one ever”! 

I am from Nashville, TN, and I am a freshman at Miami University.
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