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13 Things We Miss About Being A Little Kid

1. Not feeling guilty after taking a nap: (specifically a three hour zonk fest) As a college student, you can’t help but to experience a feeling of guild after taking a nap insread of attending a group meeting, or studying for that exam. But, also being a full time college student is exhausting; between making plans with friends, studying, and participating in campus organizations you could feel like you never get a break. 

2. The old Disney Channel: Have you seen what they’ve been showing on there recently? What happened to good old Lizzie McGuire and That’s So Raven and Even Stevens, but if you find yourself reminiscing about the good old days you can find some of your favorite Disney shows onYouTube or Netflix/Hulu. You’re welcome.


3. Recess :Whoever said that kids outgrow recess, couldn’t be more wrong. Playground kickball is one of the best games ever invented, and for some reason only elementary school kids get to enjoy it. 

4. You were not afraid of being naked :Sometimes as a kid you just didn’t feel like wearing pants, it happens. In college if you decide not to wear pants, expect some very angry roommates. 

5. Baths: If you ask any person anywhere and they say they don’t like baths, they’re lying. There’s just something truly magical about a nice relaxing bath at the end of the day, and not to mention, the occasional bubble beard. 

6.  Sitting next to the person you have a crush on The sweaty pits. The nervous smile. Offering to share your Cheetos. There was nothing better than sitting next to your crush and having them smile back at you.

7. Convincing your parents to let you sleep over at a friend’s house Boy, did we think we were savvy with our words when asking our parents to attend a sleepover. Only now do we realize that our parents probably wanted a break from us too. 

8. The fact that everyone actually got into Spirit Week at school We all miss the crazy hair days, the pajama days, and the “be your favorite book character” days. I couldn’t tell you how many Junie B Jones and Nancy Drew’s came out to play that day.

9. Your Gameboy:  Available in an assortment of colors, nothing killed a moment of boredom faster than the sound of our beloved handheld game system powering up. Whether you were playing Shrek or Super Mario Bros, this was  foolproof way to add a little bit of fun to any mundane situation.

10. Snow days There is no feeling quite like the feeling of waking up to a snow day and being able to go right back to sleep. All those nights of wearing your pajamas backwards and flushing ice down the toilet paid off in the end. 

11. Seeing your best friends all day every day: It’s quite impressive how you can spend all day with some people and never get sick of them. 

12. Happy Meals: French Fries, a toy (girl or boy) all in a fun little box.  Need I say more?

13. Sleeping in a big bed: Nothing is better than climbing into bed and stretching out as big as I could and my fingers and toes wouldn’t even reach the end of the bed. It almost make you feel like there’s no safer place in the world.  

Hey! I'm Margaret, I'm a freshman writer at Miami University. Fun fact about me, one of my thumbs is significantly shorter than the other.
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