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11 Things That Inevitably Happen When You Return To Oxford

Six weeks at home sure go by a lot slower than they do while at Miami, but thankfully those weeks are behind us and it’s finally time to head back to the greatest place on Earth (not kidding in the slightest). Where else can you go out on a Tuesday night and eat pizza on High Street at 2 a.m.? Not in your little old hometown, that’s for sure. Distance truly does make the heart grow fonder, especially in this case. Attending Miami and living in Oxford is truly a blessing and these are some of the many things that happen upon returning for another semester.

1. Six weeks later and you’re five pounds heavier from the holidays… but you still NEED those mac and cheese bites, ASAP.

2. You start to tear up a little when cornfields are all you can see for miles.

3. You contemplate seeing that guy you were hooking up with before break and wonder if it’s too early to text him or not.

4. Then you realize it’s way too early; considering you haven’t even stepped on campus yet.

5. You get back to the dorm, but your roommate isn’t back yet. *Already feeling the loneliness.*

6. Your roommate walks in and you cry tears of happiness, because now you can stay up watching One Tree Hill until weird hours of the night with no one to judge you for it.

7. You reunite with long lost friends and fight with each other over who had the most boring winter break. (And of course, there is always that one friend who spent their break saving lives in Africa or something.)

8. A few bottles of wine may have been open too…

9. But when in Oxford do as the Miami girls do. Right?

10. Monday morning hits and you kind of want to punch yourself in the face.

11. But then you remember tomorrow’s Tuesday, which always leads to a fun night, and you’re back in the best place on earth for a whole other semester.


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