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11 Places to go on a Date in Oxford, OH

I think we can all agree that Miami is an amazing place, named the #9 party school by the Princeton Review and the best public school for undergrad teaching in the nation by US News and World Report. It’s safe to say, we’ve got the brains and the brawn. However, we can also agree that Oxford isn’t the most “happening” town. Thus it can be a real struggle when you’re trying to show your date a fun time in the good ole “OxBox”. Worry not, because here we have compiled a list of great ideas to pull out when the going gets tough. Enjoy!

1. Kona Bistro – a healthy option uptown for a romantic dinner date.

2. Hueston Woods – an outdoorsy option for a low-key road trip. What’s more romantic than spending a free afternoon packing a dinner and driving down to the woods to watch the sunset?

3. The Princess – go to the Princess Movie Theather for a fun, chill movie night.

4. UDF, BTO, or Spring Street Treats – feeling indulgent? Get some amazing Froyo or a deep freeze and take a walk in the uptown park.

5. Oxford Lanes Bowling – Yes, Oxford does have a bowling alley for all you non-believers. So, for a competitive old-school date, or some disco bowling, head down to 4340 Oxford Reily Rd.

6. Patterson’s – Try here for the amazing brunch menu.

7. I Love Sushi – Wednesday is $20 all you can eat sushi night! Make sure you wear an elastic waistband for this night out!

8. Uptown Pavilion festivals and concerts – Every now and then Oxford will have performers at the Pavilion in the Martin Luther Park uptown. Take a blanket, some good snacks, and set up shop on the grass and enjoy the show.

9. Frolfing or nature walks on western campus – If you’re looking for some quiet alone time head down to beautiful western campus. There are some great trails for nature walks or take some Frolf (Frisbee golf) discs and play a fun game or two.

10. Vinoklet – A winery and restaurant only 20 minutes away! You can cook your own meals to perfection while enjoying an included bottle of award winning wine.

11. Go to the drive in theatre – You thought bowling was old school, but I’m pretty sure the drive-in theatre has got that date idea beat in the age department. Pack your car with snacks, blankets, drinks, and drive ten minutes down the road to watch a new film or a classic oldie.


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