10 Things to do Instead of Texting Your Ex

We all know that feeling. The one where you take one sip of alcohol and you immediately feel the need to text your ex. It’s like a pit opens up in your gut. You get hot and nervous and you feel like running home and crying. It’s actually the worst thing ever because during the day you’re fine. You don’t think about them. You keep your mind occupied with school or work. You keep your thumbs busy by texting your friends to make plans for the night. But once you’re standing at Brick, vodka soda with lime in your hand, all that flies out the window and you reach into your pocket and send the “are you out?” text. 


It’s even worse because the next morning you’ll wake up and look at the message that was left on read and wonder what came over you. It’s like someone overtook your mind and body and forced you to send that pleading text that amounted to absolutely nothing. So, to help myself and others overcome this nasty habit, here is a list of things you can do when you’re out and get the urge to text your ex.


  1. Text literally anyone else

    Text your dad, cousin, grandma, friend from class, best friend. It doesn’t matter! Get the feeling of sending a text out of your body and try to move on.

  2. Take a lap

    Go around the bar and see if you know anyone to talk to. This will occupy your mind and get rid of all those horrible thoughts.

  3. Tell your friend

    It’s okay to admit to your friends that you’re thinking about your ex. They’ll be able to give you the right advice and make you feel better.

  4. Go dance!

    Nothing makes me happier than dancing my problems away with my friends. It’s actually impossible to dance to your favorite song and be sad.

  5. Have a photo shoot

    Grab all your pals and have an impromptu photo shoot at the bar! You might get some great Insta pics, or at the very least, you’ll have some funny memories. Lately, my friends and I have been using David’s Disposable app because it feels like you’re using a real disposable camera!

  6. Go to the bathroom

    Sometimes the feelings of missing my ex are really overwhelming. When this happens, I’ll remove myself from the situation to go take a few deep breaths in the bathroom. Give yourself some time to gather your thoughts and feelings before going back out there. 

  7. Leave

    If you do all of this and you still feel like texting your ex, go home. There’s no point staying out if you feel like you might cry at any moment because you’re not there with that one person. 

  8. Get a snack

    If there’s anything that makes me feel better when I’m feeling sad, it’s food. Grab Jimmy Johns on your way back to your house because the deliciousness will soothe any bad feelings you might be having. 

  9. Put your phone away

    Sometimes you really can’t trust yourself to not do something regretful after a night out. So, charge your phone in a different room, turn it off or give it to your roommate. If you feel like the second you lay down in bed that you’re going to crack, don’t even give yourself the chance. 

  10. Go to sleep

    There’s nothing like getting a good night’s rest to clear the mind. I’m sure that waking up in the morning and not having to look at a stupid message will feel better than the moment of indulgence. 


Break-ups are hard. If you do slip up and text them, it’s okay. But try to remain strong. Remind yourself there’s a reason you’re not together anymore. We’ll all get through it together, one day at a time!