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10 Reasons Why We Love Jennifer Lawrence

From “mutant and proud” to “the girl on fire,” Jennifer Lawrence is an inspiration to many young collegiettes. She is a strong, independent woman who exudes brilliance in the acting field as well as in her everyday life. Here are the top 10 reasons why HC Miami loves this girl next door:
1) She’s got curves and works them: Jennifer Lawrence has a rockin’ curvy body. In interviews Jennifer has blatantly explained that she would never starve herself for an acting role. She is comfortable in her skin and encourages all young women to feel the same. 
2) She’s a non-conformist: As stated above, she will not trade in her core values just to snag a role. She is proud of who she is and wants others to remember her for this reason; not what she did to land a huge gig. 
3) She’s a foodie: Jennifer is a girl who likes to eat! The majority of her interviews and pictures she instragrms include some exposure of her love of food. 
4) She’s not afraid to speak her mind: Another reason we respect Ms. Lawrence is for her lack of filter. She does not have a publicist whispering in her ear telling her exactly what soundbites to say. The first thoughts that come to her mind, Jennifer blurts them out, which comes across as genuine and real. She is an honest celeb and expresses herself fully, regardless of the consequences. Her “is who she is” nature is admirable because she doesn’t care whether you love her or hate her; she still lives life to the fullest. 
5) She’s hilarious: Regardless of what any critic says, Jennifer Lawrence is flat out hilarious. Her lack of filter we mentioned allows for some classic one-liners. There was one interview, in particular, where she found out the sexiest thing about her (according to Victoria’s Secret) was her eyes. Her reaction to this was priceless. She was genuinely upset that Victoria’s Secret didn’t choose another body part. Also, who can forget how even after an embarrassing stumble up the Oscar steps, she totally played it off as if she meant to trip!
6) She’s a natural actress: In her first cold read ever, Jennifer shocked the casting crew with her raw talent. At age fourteen, talent scouts urged Jen’s mother to consider moving her to Manhattan. With each job she lands, she completely embodies the role. She knows exactly how to capture the audience with her performance and more often than not, she leaves her audience speechless. 
7) She’s humble: Jennifer does not rub her fame in anyone’s face. Actually, she does the complete opposite. She doesn’t see how talented she is. In interviews, when journalists discuss her extraordinary talent or her success in a film, she will respond with self deprication and urge them that she was not that good. 
8) She’s a hero: Katniss Everdeen is good with a bow, but Jennifer Lawrence is good with words. Her persona and the roles she has played illustrate that women are strong and independent. On a daily basis she proves that women should stand up for their beliefs. Furthermore, she illustrates that all women possess the power to lead a revolution and become a hero, just like Katniss. 
9) She’s relatable: Jennifer Lawrence is about as normal as celebrities come. She is not afraid to show her true colors. If you take away the fame and the acting career, she is just the girl next door. Many young women can relate to her and find comfort in knowing that you do not have to change yourself to achieve your goals.
10) She’s Jennifer Lawrence: Enough said!
See for yourself just how spectacular Jennifer Lawrence is in the latest Hunger Games flick, Catching Fire, in theaters now!
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