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Venice Carnivale

This Saturday I took a day trip to Carnivale in Venice, Italy. A group of 10 of us went and although the weather was less than ideal, we had a good time! The day started off bright and early as the bus left at 7:00 am. After a 7 hour bus ride, we arrived in Venice at 2:00 pm! We had to take a water taxi to get to the main square where the Carnivale was located. It was odd to me that their public transportation was a water taxi but it makes sense due to all of the canals.

When we got the main square, we all went out to lunch. Because it was raining, this seemed like the best option. We got pizza which was good! After lunch we all walked around town, wearing our masks of course! We got to see some beautiful sights and lots of people parading around town. The rest of the day was spent sight seeing and buying some souvenirs. The bus departed for Rome at 10:00pm so we got to spend most of the day in Venice which was good. I wish the weather would have cooperated because the sights would have been much more beautiful in the sun, but we tried to make the best out of it and it ended up being a good day! 

Rachel DeYoung is a junior at Merrimack College pursuing a degree in Business Marketing with a minor in Mass Communications. This is her third year as a member of the Her Campus Merrimack College chapter where she assumes the role of Campus Correspondent. You can follow her on Instagram (rdeyoung)
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