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Pat Bradley is more than your average “Boy Next Door”. He is a junior with a double major in psychology and communication who was sporting a bald head in the fall. He didn’t shave his head because he thought it was trendy or he lost a bet. Pat joined the campaign against children’s cancer, he coined the phrase, “Bald is Beautiful”, which successfully spread throughout campus, helping him to raise $1000.00. Pat found the time and energy for this charity event last year and will undoubtedly find time again. Even with being senior resident advisor in Deegan and a freshman orientation leader, Pat always finds the time for such events.

Remember that great concert by Ludacris? Pat was on the concert committee that was behind all the action. His participation on the Merrimack Programming Board helped to provide fun activities for students each year. Recently, he successfully graduated from Merrimack’s own leadership institute.

If you aren’t impressed with what Pat has accomplished already, he even fit in working full-time this past summer at the Boys and Girls Club in Lawrence to his schedule. Pat worked with five other Merrimack students to create a four-week curriculum to educate the children at the Club. The inventive and artistic course syllabus consisted of material from history and science to arts and mathematics. In addition to serving as mentors for the children, Pat and his team served as camp counselors as well.

Out of all the wonderful experiences and tasks that Pat Bradley has gladly jumped on board with, he faces a tough decision as to what exactly he wants to pursue after graduation.

“I don’t exactly know what I want to do with my life yet. I have a strong interest in psychological research as well as therapy and would love to open my own practice someday,” Bradley initially said when asked what career he’d like to pursue. Then, in typical Pat style, he thinks of so much more.

“When asked though, I usually simply reply, “I don’t know, but I want to change the world. I know it sounds cliché, but really that’s my only goal. Maybe I make a difference in one person’s life and change their world or maybe I’ll be in history books someday, but ultimately I just want to make a difference”.

Pat Bradley is a name you want to remember; not because he such a cool guy who gets involved anytime he can, but because people like Pat don’t come into our lives every day. If you get the chance to meet him, you’ll understand what I mean. Be sure to check out more of the work he does to make Merrimack’s campus better every day.


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