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Midnight Madness 2014


On October 24, 2014, Merrimack College hosted their annual Midnight Madness. This is a chance for the student body to get pumped up about the winter sports that are to come.

The night started off with a line outside the door of Hamel Court. Students anxiously anticipated all the events that were to happen inside, while receiving free t-shirts and Halloween goody-bags consisting of boom clappers, noise makers, rally towels, Merrimack Proud bracelets and stickers.

At 9:15 p.m., students were finally allowed inside the doors, being greeted by Merrimack Planning Board and Student Government Association members. Music was blaring from the DJ located in the corner of the gym, leading people to dance and sing their way to their seats. The bleachers quickly filled, as students sat and waited for the festivities to start.

The Merrimack College cheerleader’s were first to perform. They executed their halftime routine that they have been working on since the summer. This consisted of many difficult stunts, flips, and cheer moves. They completed the routine in a flawless manor, exiting the stage with much excitement.

After the cheerleaders finished, both basketball teams were announced. First was the women’s, each coming out to a different song, showing off their moves. Senior Chloe Rothman came out with her signifying scooter, leaving cheers throughout the court. After the women’s team was completely announced, the men’s basketball team came out in a similar fashion.

The dance team performed one of their numerous routines, wowing the crowd with their spins and moves.

After all the excitement of each performance that occurred, three different basketball competitions occurred. The first was a three point contest between two teachers, two student athletes, and two other students. The winner of this was Troy Hamel, a junior on the men’s basketball team, scoring eleven three pointers in thirty seconds. This followed with a half-court shoot-out between four students, each getting two tries to make a basket from half-court, allowing them to win a flat screen TV. Unfortunately, no one could accomplish this tough task, although many came close. The TV will be saved for a student to try and hit a half-court shot during the halftimes of both the men and women’s games. Finally, a dunk contest occurred between three of the men’s basketball players. Junior Gelvis Solano won, as he dunked over three of the women’s basketball players.

The night concluded with a dance conducted by the women’s basketball team. They choreographed moves to many of the hit songs on the radio, and finished with balloons falling from the ceiling on to them.

Overall, the excitement from Midnight Madness has pumped up the players and the fans for a hopeful season!


Brooke is a Merrimack College graduate with a passion for news. Few things get her more excited than racing around a newsroom, helping develop breaking stories. Her goal is to help make the world a better place through the art of journalism. You can often find her exploring the Boston-area with a smile on her face.
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