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Her Campus Merrimack is Going Goebel!

Spring is finally in full effect, and with that comes Student Government Association (SGA) presidential elections! This year there are five candidates, all nominated by SGA, running against one another: Mackenzie Goebel, Kate Mermelstein, Lauren Folino, Anthony Preston, and Shane Pacheco. At the end of elections, only one will be named president of the Student Government Association.

All students are encouraged to vote for whoever they feel will best be suited as SGA President. Each candidate will be giving a speech to the student body on April 16th at 8p.m. in the Multi-Purpose Room (MPR). An e-mail will then be going out on April 20th with a link to each student’s own personal ballot. Polls will be open through the 23rd.

Everyone is encouraged to vote, for whoever gets the most votes will be representing and speaking upon the whole student body. The President is the voice for all of the students at Merrimack College, so it is important to pick the candidate that will best represent the students.

Now if you are wondering who Her Campus Merrimack is voting for, then look no further. Her Campus Merrimack is GOING GOEBEL!

Mackenzie Goebel joined SGA in spring 2013 during her freshman year, and has served as the secretary for SGA for the past two years.

“Having served under and worked with three different presidents, I have an understanding of what it means to be the voice of the students, and as a prominent female leader on campus, I have the commitment and executive board experience to make your vision our reality,” Goebel stated.

Goebel’s goals are “commitment, communication, and change.” Through her experience with SGA and the executive board, she proves to be committed to SGA and to the student body. She also feels that communication between students, faculty, student organizations, and SGA is vital to keeping the Merrimack community strong, and plans on maintaining open communication between all parties if elected president. Finally, as Merrimack College is growing, moving ahead, and changing, Goebel wants to hold herself accountable for the continuing progression at Merrimack College.

With Goebel’s experience, strong leadership skills, and dedication to making Merrimack College great, she is bound to make an incredible President for the student body. That is why Her Campus Merrimack is GOING GOEBEL! #GoGoebel

Brooke is a Merrimack College graduate with a passion for news. Few things get her more excited than racing around a newsroom, helping develop breaking stories. Her goal is to help make the world a better place through the art of journalism. You can often find her exploring the Boston-area with a smile on her face.
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