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Dan ’14


Recently Her Campus Merrimack had their 1st Birthday Party at Augies Pub; it was a night complete with snacks, giveaways, cake, and a DJ! We were lucky enough to have Merrimack student Dan Taliaferro DJ at our event, he also goes by DJ Danny T.

Dan got his start at those amazing middle school dances we oh so fondly remember. That music the adult DJ played for us, that we didn’t always like, but stuck it out dancing to ... that’s what Dan’s school had. Instead of putting up with the unliked music, Dan went to his principle and asked for the school to hire his Dad, a DJ with his own business. At the next dance his dad was the DJ for, Dan was given a segment to try his shot at DJing. Ever since he was hooked! 

Dan knew all the right tunes to play, and he still does! He was able to perform under his Dad for awhile due to being a minor, but once he was able to Dan began DJT1 Entertainment. He’s DJed dances, graduation parties, sweet sixteens, and even here at Merrimack. 

You may have seen Dan on campus at various registered parties, Junior Formals, and other campus events proving he really is a favorite DJ. Even since he first began DJing there have been lines out the door of where he was performing, DJ Danny T truly is a Merrimack Celebrity! 

Keep an eye out for Dan, you never know where he will go with his great skills! 

When this fun-loving sorority girl isn't hitting the books or helping plan a ZTA event, she's constantly on the go. As if being a commuter student isn't enough, Joanna is working part-time at a bank, is a member of the executive committee in her sorority, and is working to set up several clubs on campus. When Joanna's got a spare minute to herself, if there is any time to spare, she enjoys eating sushi, attempting to speak German with her friend, cuddling with her Golden Retriever, Dobby, and ordering venti non-fat chai lattes [one of her many downfalls.]
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