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When the warm weather comes out it’s the best time for playing with bold braids and beachy waves to make your hair look summery.  We are in the midst of the Coachella Music Festival right now, a mecca for summer fashion inspiration including hair and makeup.  Coachella girls always think outside the box with fun hairstyles so here are a few of my favorites I found on Pinterest!

(Photo from mycentsofstyle.com)

This super simple take on a loose bun lets you get your hair out of your face while still looking cute. It still has the fun whispy look of a bun but you can add a pop of color with the headband. Think of all the ways you could change up this look with different headbands! Its also so simple that it can be made your own by throwing in a braid or two or curling your hair all over before putting it up!

Another gorgeous way to keep you hair up and out of the way!  These two one sided braids come together to make a sleek fun updo. This is another pretty versatile style that you could totally play around with, even combining with the last one and throwing a headband into the mix!

(Photo from pophaircuts.com)

Although the steps aren’t given, I LOVE this style! Simply French braid back a few pieces and pull them loose. They of course don’t have to look just like this so play around with the size and placement of the braids. Run a curler over it to add texture and throw it up, leaving a one-inch section out. Once its up, wrap the leftover section around the elastic and hold in place with bobby pins!

Have fun enjoying this weather and playing around with different summer styles!! 

I'm Brenna McDonald, a sophomore at Merrimack college who loves hair & makeup. Follow brennamcdonalddesigns on instagram to see a little more about what I love to do! 
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