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Bobby ’14

Name: Bobby DiSorbo

Year: Senior

Major: English

Hometown: Groveland, MA

Relationship Status: Single


Interests/Activities: I like all sports–hockey and football are my favorites. I also can play guitar well enough in five minute increments for people not to realize I am terrible, so that’s going pretty great.

What do you look for in a girl?: I like someone with a sense of humor and has a positive outlook. Being miserable all the time is exhausting. 

Best date you’ve been on?: First date: Panera Bread, about 3:37 pm on a Wednesday afternoon. It’s so packed that you’re forced to sit next to a couple about 50 years older than you clamoring about how their soup is cold. Romance. 

Biggest turn ons?: Laughing at the description of the best date I’ve ever been on.

Biggest turn offs?: Cigarettes

Best pick up line…does it work?: “I just got out of a relationship” *finish drink*…no it does not work.

First thing you notice in a girl?: Smile

If you could trade places with someone, who would it be?: Matthew Bissonette A.K.A. Biz A.K.A. The Biz A.K.A The Bizness

3 things you would bring with you to a deserted island?: a bag of cherries, whipped cream, and a spoon. I love dessert…ed islands.

Biggest fear?: Having to pay off my loans 

Where is the best place to meet girls on campus?: I’ve been killing the Library game lately.

Embarrassing confession?: I haven’t actually been killing the Library game. I’m not positive it exists. 

Blondes or brunettes?: Brunettes

Most romantic thing you’ve done for a girl?: I’ve done the whole cook a nice dinner, candlelit thing.

Favorite song to dance to at a party?: Come on Eileen…80s night is every Thursday through Saturday at M74

Celebrity crush?: Emily Blunt

How do you like to spend your weekends here?: Studying wicked hard all the time

Hottest outfit a girl can wear?: I guess I have to go with a sundress; I don’t when they became a thing but I’m on board with it.

Best way to win you over?: When a girl makes me laugh

If you were a type of alcohol, what would you be and why?: Beer…you’re not sure when you started to like it, but it’s not so bad anymore.

Fun fact?: I’m a janitor at M.I.T. and sometimes I just solve really elaborate equations anonymously at night.

Best compliment you’ve received?: “I think you’re pretty okay.”

Life motto?: “DiSorbo.”

How do you feel about being this week’s campus cutie?: Considering I may or may not have manipulated the nomination process, and there’s been at least 10 prior selections before me, I feel alright.


When this fun-loving sorority girl isn't hitting the books or helping plan a ZTA event, she's constantly on the go. As if being a commuter student isn't enough, Joanna is working part-time at a bank, is a member of the executive committee in her sorority, and is working to set up several clubs on campus. When Joanna's got a spare minute to herself, if there is any time to spare, she enjoys eating sushi, attempting to speak German with her friend, cuddling with her Golden Retriever, Dobby, and ordering venti non-fat chai lattes [one of her many downfalls.]
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