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Blue Ivy’s Style

There is no doubt about it that Beyoncé is one of the most influential celebrities around and just about everyone wants to be like her, but now is she raising Blue Ivy to do the same? Recently Blue Ivy has been seen dressed up in her own unique style, being one of the most stylish two year olds around. Seen on Beyoncé’s Tumblr, a photo of herself and her daughter both dressed in confidence, has been circulating with everyone in awe. The two year old is seen to be wearing a checkered dress, coat and top hat, along with her black tights while her mother follows with sunglasses to accompany the big smile on her face. Although both Jay Z and Beyoncé are known for their style, their daughter’s style may have outdone their own.

Even though Beyoncé has been previously criticized for not Blue Ivy’s “messy” but natural hair, recently she was seen to have put her daughter’s hair in a neat bun which can put the critics to rest. The family was spotted in Barcelona for the final show of the Mrs. Carter tour and Blue Ivy has been looking more stylish than ever. Between the bun and her animal print vest, Blue Ivy Carter is a force to be reckoned with and who knows what they will come up with next for their daughter!

Should we be expecting an even bigger diva in the family for the future? Maybe one day she’ll be saying, “I’m a, I’m a- a diva” too.

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