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5 Hot or Not Trends of the 2000’s

1. Jeggings. 
They once had their own section on sites like Hollister, but is the mix of leggings and skinny jeans still popular? Certainly many women favor skinny jeans or leggings no over jeggings. But it was once an extremely popular trend.
2. Crocs.
They were gardener shoes made of rubber with holes in them, not the most comfiest but you could collect options for them and they even had mickey mouse ear crocs.
3. Uggs
These boats from Australia were widely popular in the 2000’s, still warm by many women today….and Tom Brady. 
4. Heely’s
Sneakers that looked awesome in every commercial. They were sneakers you could roller-skate in.  Possibly not the hottest trend anymore, but I’ve seen someone at the mall in them a few months ago. Hopefully they’ll make a huge comeback.  
5. Flare jeans and Boot Cut Jeans
Not skinny jeans.  They are jeans that flare out at the end.
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