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4 Things to do to Prepare for Summer 2024

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Merrimack chapter.

Summer 2024 is looking like it is going to be one for the books. With new music, concerts, and good weather well ahead of schedule, here’s 4 things to do to prepare for summer 2024: 

  1. Buy those bathing suits:

Whether it’s SHEIN, or Frankie’s Bikinis, press BUY! You can’t have a hot girl summer without some cute kinis! Some of my favorite bathing suits are from AdoreMe. They are the absolute comfiest bathing suits at a fraction of the cost of other companies. My advice is to look for a bathing suit that checks all the boxes; easy to tan in, good for the pool and beach, and looks great in pictures.

  1. Make your go to tanning playlist:

Taylor Swift, Olivia Rodigo, Sabrina Carpenter, or Luke Combs, Zach Bryan, and Noah Kahan… the playlists WILL be fire this summer. Get a good mix of calm and crazy for the summer queue. My current faves: These Words (Badger x Natasha Bedingfield), Sarah’s Place (Zach Bryan & Noah Kahan), Doses & Mimosas (Vintage Culture & Zerky Remix), Saturn (SZA), End of Beginning (Djo), Unwritten (Natasha Bedingfield)

  1. Stay active and prioritize self-care: 

Take advantage of the longer days by implementing outdoor workouts, yoga sessions, or hot girl walks into your routine. Prioritize self-care activities like meditation, reading, or spending time with loved ones to recharge and maintain balance during the summer months. My favorite book series right now is the Things We Series by Lucy Score. Put together a summer book club, or even rack up those Barnes and Noble membership points! 

  1. Take your plans out of the GC: 

Whether that’s catching a baseball game, or flying overseas, get the friend group together for that summer hangout. Take advantage of student discounts for baseball games, or even get together watch parties for the Stanley Cup or NBA finals. Take a day trip to the city, and turn it into a shopping trip! Plan that summer pool party or even a day in the park with some food for a hot girl picnic. Maybe even splurge a little and get some concert tickets. Outdoor venues FTW! 

Josalyn Melendez

Merrimack '25

Josalyn is a Junior at Merrimack College majoring in Communications and Media with minors in Digital Media Production, Film Studies, and Marketing. She loves a good book, the beach, and is excited to be a part of HerCampus at MC!