You're Hot Then You're Cold

Welcome to the South, where it is 90 to 100 degrees outside and 60 degrees inside. We do appreciate the air conditioning, but this drastic difference does make it a little difficult to decide on what to wear. Outside, you want to be wearing shorts, a t-shirt, and sandals. When you step inside for classes, businesses LOVE to keep it like sweater-weather. Unfortunately, we can’t bring blankets inside everywhere. Instead, layers are our new best friends. Not only do they give people versatility for temperature, but they also go with every type of outfit, whether it be casual or professional.

So if you are just going to class, or if you are going to a concert (PSA: Rascal Flatts at the Georgia National Fair in October in Perry!), then this next outfit would be perfect. When you’re outside, shed the flannel or the cardigan, and you’ve still got a cute tank, shorts and belt outfit!

If you want to dress it up just a little more, then add a skirt. Not only are these outfits cute and perfect for weather, but just look at these sweaters! They look so comfy. I’m sure plenty of stores like Loft, Gap, and Target will all have their oversized sweaters hanging from every rack. However, if you would prefer, go steal one from your dad or grandpa’s closet…I’ve done it before…shhh!

And just look at this magnificent fishtail braid, which might I add, is actually not too hard to do after a little practice. Plus, having your hair up helps keep cool outside.

For more formal occasions, like going to a meeting or doing a presentation in class, dresses easily go with oversized cardigans and a nice pair of boots. Bonus: look at these adorable earrings to accessorize with for a fall look!

In case you need another option other than shorts or a skirt with a tank and a cardigan, or a dress, then here is another. This is for the trendier, risky fashionista who can pull off rompers. You can’t look past the shoes though. Oxfords, boots, and booties are great for this transition from summer to fall weather.

If sweaters and oversized cardis aren’t your thing, vests also are easily shed and keep you warm inside. There are so many types of vests to choose from as well. For an edgy style, take a look at this leather one.

For a more chic, girly look, check out this fur vest.

Too girly for you? There is also the cargo vest in that trendy green that we all have come to love so much!

All of these options also help with those cooler mornings for 8 am classes that warm up to those hot afternoons with the sun blazing down on you. They also start transitioning our style from summer to fall wardrobes. It’s like putting on a comfy sweater just automatically calls for autumn leaves and pumpkin spice everything.

What kinds of outfits do you wear for bipolar weather? Let us know!