You Know I Like My Chicken Fried

In the middle of Macon, there is a little "city" called Payne City. When you drive into this small Southern town, you will encounter a few restaurants and an antique mall that make you feel like you are at Grandma's house. One of the restaurants, Twang Southern Tastes & Sounds has the home cooking you crave in college. And they give you fun entertainment on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday night, like trivia and live music. If you can't make it out for the live music, there is still good food to enjoy during the week and a tasty brunch on Sunday!

When you first arrive to the large brick building, you'll be given the proper greeting by the quintessential Southern tractors and trucks. Just inside, to your right, you will see the Tractor Room, where they have their full service bar and live southern rock music playing on Fridays and Saturdays (Tip: Get there early on those days as it gets VERY crowded!). 

Take a look around after you sit down and you'll be surprised to see some of the decorations. Amongst all of the signs for local businesses, there are also hanging bicycles that make you nostalgic for your childhood and stand alone screen doors bringing you more southern comfort.

So now that you have taken in all of the homey surroundings, you can now look at the menu! This isn't your typical menu if you start looking at the names of each of the items. Twang keeps with its Southern-style, with names like "Slap Yo' Mama BBQ Sandwich" and "Devil Went Down To Georgia Eggs." Even the descriptions of the actual menu items are creative and cute with sayings like "Praise the Lord and pass the gravy" for the pork chops.

Speaking of praising the Lord, on Sundays, there is a special brunch menu that they will give you when you sit down filled with the same kinds of fun names. However, if you aren't feeling breakfast foods, they still offer their everyday menu as well. 

If you love desserts, the French toast is just that with its brown sugar and pecan batter. If you wanted to try something a little different, go with the Big Bad Boudin, which I had to look up what it was... sausage. It is definitely not your typical sausage though! After going to Twang twice for brunch, my favorite is still the amazing "Hog Heaven Omelet" with the perfect combination of savory for the main entree and sweet for the side of fruit with yogurt drizzled over it. 

Don't worry if you are watching your health and can't fill up on the fried goods or dessert for breakfast...there are still some healthy options like this delicious grilled chicken with garlic herb dressing and lemon.

Whether you go for the live entertainment, the brunch on Sunday, or just a regular lunch during the week, Twang will be sure to meet your expectations of Southern cookin'!

Let us know what your favorite menu item is.