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What It’s All About: Helping Out on MLK Day

            Guess what happened on Monday? Martin Luther King Jr. Day! And you know what that meant! No school! Why honor the memory of one of the most dedicated and steadfast leaders for civil rights when we can go to the mall and watch TV all day? I mean, it’s not like your all day marathon of The Walking Dead will in any way disavow the hard work and tremendous sacrifice Martin Luther King Jr. provided for African Americans and the civil rights of the nation as a whole, as well as his role as a respected pacifist and genuine good person.

            Joking aside, it seems like a lot of national holidays are just an excuse to skip school, with little to no consideration for the actual motivation behind them in the first place. Martin Luther King Jr. Day seems to be no exception, which is considerably rude seeing just how much personal devotion he made towards civil rights and the equality of African Americans. That’s why the Corporation for National and Community Service has announced the 20th annual Martin Luther King Jr. Day of Service to both pay homage to this great member of the civil rights community and to give back in a way that would honor his legacy. This event, not confined to one single area, is an opportunity for people to follow Martin Luther King Jr.’s advice and to give back to the community, helping those who need help and providing assistance for the general public at large.

            It might be shocking to you to learn that Martin Luther King Jr. Day did not become a national holiday until 1983, almost fifteen years after the fateful assassination which ended the civil rights leader’s life. While his work on promoting peaceful protests and demanding the right for equality for all Americans remains a cornerstone of the civil rights movement and positive human society, the work still hasn’t ended. Though the situation is drastically different than it was during the 60s’, the fact remains that people still need help in America, and that’s what the MLK Day of Service stands to provide.

             For those who are not aware, Martin Luther King Jr. Day is not supposed to be a day off. Instead, it is the only national holiday that is observed as a national day of service. This means that, instead of taking time off, the community should be making time for those less fortunate than themselves, and should work towards improving the lives of the people still suffering in society. Martin Luther King Jr. believed that as part of the American community, we all have an obligation to help one another, and to serve the community as part of our rights as citizens. In doing so, we insure the betterment of our society and promote positive values for all people.

            The MLK Day of Service allows you to stand up and make a choice to help others, so see if you have some spare time and go help your community. The link below will let you send in your zip code to any local organizations that need volunteers, so see if you can give a hand every MLK Day!





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