Take Me to Neverland

College may be thought of as tons of fun by many people, but it is also that time when you start to live in the real world. With college, we start to have to find food for ourselves, get ourselves up, drive ourselves around...etc. Then comes a degree (hopefully!) and then eventually a job, and then taxes and bills, and pretty soon all we can think is...

There are a lot of realizations and changes in lifestyle that occur when you are becoming an adult.

First off, home-cooked meals pretty much become non-existent, at least for those of us who were never taught to cook on our own (or aren't good at chemistry!).

After watching the Food Network or our families, we think cooking must not be that hard with a little practice! I mean, they have a Chopped television edition just for Teens, so of course we could do it, right? However, when we do try to cook, it turns out a little like this. Thank goodness for fire extinguishers!

All of this is assuming we even remembered to go grocery shopping. You find yourself hungry, thinking, "Oh, what do I have to eat?" Then you remember that you're responsible for making a grocery list and going to the store... oops. And then there is the whole issue of paying for the food.

Not only does food disappear, so does our free time with work, classes, and relationships. The list goes on. How we wish this would still be true.

Instead, we are constantly running around all week and find ourselves struggling to make it through the week. Our weeks become infinitely long. In fact, we LIVE for the weekends.

It used to be that weekends were full of fun, attending events, games, and going out with friends. However, now our weekends are for sleep, because we have none throughout our hectic weeks and are SO tired. Now we know naps aren't just for kids anymore!

However, there is one perk to working during the week that we have never really gotten before. A paycheck. That hard earned money proves you are an adult, just like Mr. Krabs.

At first we think of all of the wonderful things we could spend it on, like clothes, movies, trips... but then we realize we have to spend it on boring things, like taxes, bills, and rent. Yep, there it goes. All of it.

If its not spent on those things, it is spent on buying the needed things for your friends' weddings. Yep. That's right. Since becoming an adult, all of your friends start getting married, and either you start to realize you are forever alone or are pretty close to getting married yourself. And that is TERRIFYING.

So, after all those years of being a child wanting to be like mommy or daddy and grow up, we now realize we should have been following Peter Pan to Neverland to never grow up. When you have moments of becoming an adult, you now think Jenna Marbles best sums it up with...


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