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So You’re A Senior Now

So, you’re a senior now. This is it, your (hopefully) last year in college. Aren’t you excited?


(I thought so)


Senior year in high school was the best.

Being a senior in college comes with its own set of…different things.

Applying for jobs. Figuring out just how you’ll pay for your student loans. Looking for a place to live besides your parent’s couch. And on top of all that, still studying hard in school so you can actually graduate!

(Most of you will be 21 your senior year. See, it does have perks. Drink responsibly)


But try not to worry about all that. Just try to focus on all your classes and fight against Senioritis.



(Though now you can truly identity with this man)


You’ll probably look back on your past three years, remembering what it was like to be a freshmen. Then you realize just how easy it all actually was.

So don’t listen to freshmen. Just avoid them if you can.

(You can take naps? You have free time?)


You might start comparing your accomplishments to those of your friends and classmates, especially when you get your graduation regalia.

(Graduation cords are a thing? Oops…)


But again, don’t worry! You can always compare yourself to those slackers in your classes who always cut up and never do anything.


(If you can’t think of the slacker…it’s probably you).


And then you realize that all the completely incompetent people you put up with in your classes are actually going to be out in the real world just like you.


(thought they’d grow up by now? HA.)



Get prepared for all the adults in your life to ask “What are you planning to do when you graduate?”


And get ready for everyone under the age of 14 to refer to you with a proper suffix.

(Wait, I’m a Ms. now? Don’t ma’am me, I’m barely an adult!)


But, hey, at least you only have a few more months of homework assignments left.


And you don’t have to put up with that one professor (you know who I’m talking about).

Exactly. Feel good.

So here’s to you, college senior. Look on the bright side.


Katie is a sophomore studying English Literature and Anthropology at Mercer University. When not reading for her classes, she is still reading for pleasure! Katie is a major bookworm whose dream in life is to simply read all day (but, unfortunately, being a well-rounded reader doesn't pay the bills) or be a manatee princess...which isn't very realistic either. Other than books and manatees, Katie has a passion for song, piano, and nature. You can often catch her gazing at the clouds or looking up at tree branches. "The stars gleam, the poets dream..." -Jonathan Larson
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