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Slumming it the Right Way: Final’s Week Style


I know that everyone is tired of school, especially with the constant stream of projects and test, but I’ve got a formula that is guaranteed to keep you looking fly all week long even with the numerous projects, essays, and finals that are sure to bog any peppy girl (or guy we don’t judge here) down.  I know how vital sweats and PJ’s can be to the finals wardrobe, but I promise that it is much better and just as comfy. You should know that before finals week begins there is no requirement to wear makeup or have some fancy hair dos, I personal rely upon the messy top knot bun and clean face (the stress is enough to make me break out without the leftover makeup chilling on my face after a late night study session). Therefore I have come up with a simple, three outfit style guide to the “cute slumming it” that unfortunately happens every single finals week.


1)  The Oversized Boyfriend’s Shirt– This is my personal favorite and I don’t even have a boyfriend! This outfit is pretty much guaranteed to be the cute-comfy mash up that we ladies seek during the last few weeks of school. The best mash up is the flannel oversize shirt paired with the tight jeans and simple flats.


2)  The Take it Easy Combo – The weather is getting a little warmer so it isn’t quite as easy to slum it in a skirt and tights, so this just means we have to get a little more creative with less work involved (which is the way we want it of course), and that is where this easy combo comes into play. I personally keep at least three plain, simple colored skirts (in various sizes)  in my closet. They are effortless to shimmy into when you’re running late and even easier to pair with a t-shirt or even a semi fancy shirt. Either what they are always an easy find, and the best part is this outfit (that literally takes less than a minute to plan) when pulled off still looks nice and well planned.


3)  The Leggy Girl – Leggings. They are either the world’s best thing ever or every girl’s worst nightmare! The key to these tricky fashion must haves is the shirt length. My rule of thumb when going for the simple laid back leggings and a shirt is to make sure that the bum is covers and the shirt will reach my mid thigh while I am standing and sitting. Please (I am begging you) avoid the too short shirts that do not cover either section.  Typically leggings are paired with boots, but flats are acceptable too. 

Check out our Pintrest Fashion Page for sample pictures.

Olivia is a Business Major at Mercer University, pursuing a degree in Management and a minor in Marketing. With love for the arts she aspire to someday open her own bakery and non-profit organization for the arts. With a passion for all thing in life she hopes to spread the joy of community and creativity.
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