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Second Sunday at Washington Park

At Washington Park, children run around with bare feet, exploring the many water streams and bridges. The parents watch from the shade of the trees, sitting on picnic blankets and listening to the music wafting through the air. On the small stage, a local band known as the Vespers plays folk music for their audience.

Second Sunday is a small concert in Washington Park that occurs once a month. Families, friends, and of course, college students are encouraged to attend.

It’s a great time to hang out with friends and family while giving exposure time for local bands. Each time Second Sunday comes around, a different local band performs there. They seem to enjoy the publicity they receive and are usually happy to meet with fans during their breaks. 

The overall atmosphere is definitely something unique to enjoy. Washington Park has man-made streams and running water all through it. The park serves as an outdoor arena because of the different levels and the way the park is centered on the stage where bands perform.

I definitely love this atmosphere simply because it gives me a sense of belonging. It makes me feel more comfortable and at home in Macon. I enjoy seeing how family-oriented this event is and it reminds me of my own family.

I fully recommend that more college students go to Second Sundays. I think you’d really enjoy it and have a great time while feeling comfortable and at home.

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