Sam Strickland!

1. Full name? Samuel Lee Strickland

2. Classification? Junior

3. Major/Minor? I am a double Major in Law and Public Policy and International Affairs.

4. Hobbies? My biggest hobby right now is video production. It's my biggest creative outlet. I also really enjoy listening to and playing music.

5. Campus Involvement? I am the Vice President of RHA, Media Secretary for SGA, a member of Mercer Video Productions, National Residence Hall Honorary, the Model Arab League team, Pre-Law Society, and I work at the Bearforce.

6. What do you want to do after you graduate? I'm not sure, I know I want to go to law school and maybe go into International Law. But I don't know if I want to do that right away for take a little time off school.

7. Favorite thing about Mercer? Hands down it's the people here. Mercer has some of the most driven and friendly students and thoughtful faculty. Not to mention there are brand new opportunities to do literal anything everyday.

8. Who/what inspires you to keep working hard? Personally, it's the idea that I want to leave this world in a better state than I came into. But a lot of the time it's my friends and teachers that push me to try harder and be bolder. I also compare myself to my older siblings Shelby and Caleb, looking at their success to drive my own.

9. Favorite Mercer memory? There are so many amazing ones, when we beat Duke and the campus went nuts, all the awesome and thoughtful conversations I've had with people here, but last years Human vs Zombies game is definitely up there. It's my favorite program that RHA runs.

10. If you could be anywhere right now, where would you go? I've always wanted to see Australia. I grew up watching Animal Planet and Steve Irwin and it just looks like such a beautiful, unique country. Plus it's right next to New Zealand where the filmed the Lord of the Rings movies.