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Accessories are a great way to pull together an outfit, but most college females will agree that most mornings are too hectic to take the time to dress up. Not only do you have to worry about picking things that match the outfit, you have to worry about making sure each thing matches the other. It can be a terrible headache, but the ladies from Her Campus have a solution: Scarves!

Scarves are a simple way to accessorize, add some color to an outfit, and help stay warm. There are so many different types of scarves and each kind comes in different colors and materials: you can ALMOST never go wrong. By collecting different materials, colors, sizes, patterns, and prints, you can have a scarf for almost any occasion. Also by learning different tying techniques, you can take one scarf and wear it several different ways.

Infinity scarves, or the scarves that are in one big loop, are usually best worn with solid color tops. These scarves are very big and loud and it can make a bland outfit bold and beautiful. It is also best to tie hair up, when wearing an infinity scarf.

Thin pattern scarves are best to wear during the spring and summer. I know scarves in the spring or summer?! CRAZY! Just remember, scarves an accessory, not just a warming tool. By purchasing lighter materials and brighter colors, you can add lots of layers to a simple t-shirt.

Pashmina Scarves are the newest and boldest trend. These scarves tend to have some sort of paisley print and are very warm. They have small thing tassels at the end of each side. These scarves can be worn with virtually anything – under coats or cardigans, with a sweater, with semi-formal wear, and with business attire. Because the paisley print is so intricate and blends in with the scarf, Pashminas are perfect to wear print on print. The only golden rule, to wearing a Pashmina scarf, would be: never wear the same colors together. For example – in the picture below, it is not okay to wear a black and white dress with a black and white Pashmina. If the scarf colors were different, the print on print would be okay. If you are not a fan of the paisley print, many Pashmina scarves come in solid colors.

Lace scarves can be added to any outfit and look amazing, but there is an even better way to wear them: tie them onto another scarf. If you take a regular Pashmina scarf and loop the lace into it, you can add a lot of different texture and personality to your outfit. If you have a thin scarf that you love and you wish it were thicker, loop it with a lace scarf, and it will double in size.

Knit scarves, or vintage scarves as I like to call them, are made with yarn and are longer than any other kind of scarf. Because they are so warm, it is best to wear these scarves on the coldest of days. You can either let it drape on either side of your shoulders or you can wrap it around your neck. Just keep in mind that wrapping a scarf all the way around your neck can be very bulky and bold, so beware of the rest of your clothing and accessories.

Start collecting scarves today – they will never go out of fashion, and they are a great investment because you can use them every year!

I am a student at Mercer University, and I am majoring in Journalism and Christianity.
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