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The Mesmerizing Model: Morgan Jones

Name: Morgan Jeanette Jones

Major/Minor: Marketing Major with Management Minor

Hobbies: Working at the tanning salon (I am the Manager of modeling), watching old movies, and girls’ nights with my best friends!

Celebrity Crush: Adam Levine

Favorite place to travel: The West Coast

How did you celebrate the Holidays? By trying to stay warm while celebrating with family and friends who came home for the Holidays! There was a lot of cooking, ice skating, and laughs involved!

Something you can’t live without: My Siberian Husky (Aspen) & Fashion!

Pet Peeves: Everything has to be clean and in order at all times!

One trait you absolutely want in the person you like: If you can genuinely make me laugh and smile, then you have my heart!

Woot! I'm an indian chick who is kind of different. I am friendly and social
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