Mercer Golfer: Meredith Owen

1. Full name? Meredith Owen

2. Classification? Senior

3. Major/minor? Engineering Major, Biomedical Specialization

4. Hobbies? I enjoy running, reading, attending sporting events, sailing, and snowboarding, basically any outdoor activity.

5. Campus involvement? I am a member of the Mercer Women’s golf team, I am the treasurer for the Chi Omega Fraternity, and I am a member of the Student Athlete Advisory Committee. I also attend the Mercer Fellowship of Christian Athletes.

6. What would you like to do after you graduate? After I graduate I would like to continue my education and pursue a PhD in Chemical Engineering.

7. Favorite thing about Mercer? My favorite thing about Mercer is its size. While the small school atmosphere is not for everybody, it has made my time at Mercer so enjoyable. I love being able to walk to class and see people I know or walk into the caf or the UC without plans and find someone I can eat with. I have been able to form relationships with professors in a way that may not have been possible at a larger school.

8. Who/what motivates you to continue working hard? I think my family inspires me to continue to work hard. Knowing that they believe in my abilities even when I don’t is a huge motivation to keep striving towards my goals.

9. Favorite Mercer memory? My favorite Mercer memory was the first tournament I played as a member of the golf team. It was a great experience to put on my uniform and know that I was representing such an amazing university. As a child it had always been my dream to play collegiate athletics and I was given that opportunity at Mercer. I can’t think of a better Mercer memory than being able to see my dreams realized and know that I am representing a school that has been so important to me and has made such an impact on my life.

10. If you could go anywhere right now, where would you go? If I could go anywhere I wouldn’t pick a specific location, but more of a place. I would like to be on the Ocean Star sailboat in the middle of the ocean. I spent the summer after my sophomore year learning to sail and traveling around the Caribbean on Ocean Star. Living on the boat was one of the best experiences I have ever had. I met some amazing people and learned skills that will help me throughout the rest of my life and not just if I am on a sailboat.