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The Mercer Bears Baseball Team

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Mercer chapter.

It’s baseball season again! The Mercer Bears have come out of hibernation and are ready to win. For MU fans, Her Campus has decided to interview a couple of the players from the team, Dimitri Kourtis and Eric Nyquist. 

What do you like most about playing for Mercer’s baseball team?

D-I enjoy being with all the guys every day and the environment that Mercer Athletics provides. I enjoy the players and coaches. It’s just a good group of guys to be around. I learn a lot every day and I really appreciate the time and effort everyone puts into the program to be successful.

                                                                                                                                             (Dimitri Kourtis)
E-Playing for a winning program and hanging out with all my teammates

Do you guys have any traditions before playing a game?

D-We don’t really have any “special” traditions before games but the pitchers always play a game called 2 ball every day before a game or practice, so I guess that’s kind of our tradition.

E-Not necessarily, but a bunch of us usually play a game called 2-ball before we have to prepare to play.

What is something no one knows about the team?

D-We are a very tight group of guys that play for each other and we are a special group that can do a lot of great things for Mercer Baseball and the university as a whole.

E-We’re really fun to be around. Well, most of us… ha-ha!

                                                                                                                                             (Eric Nyquist)
How do you train for the season?

D-We start training all the way back in September when school starts and we do early morning conditioning at 6am and 4pm on ones in the afternoon all throughout the fall. In October we do intrasquad scrimmages on the weekends and weight lifting.

E-I lift and run a lot. Like 5 days a week. I also swim quite a bit. And of course I get on a throwing program to make sure my arm is strong.

What are some highlights?

D-Highlights among our team? We are currently 1st in the Atlantic Sun Conference, Top 5 in the College Baseball Daily Mid Major Poll, and currently getting votes in the Baseball America Top 25 poll.

E-A walk off HR against Kennesaw State University in conference this year, won an A-Sun championship in 2010, most winning team in Georgia three years in a row.

Who is your biggest fan/supporter?

D-My parents and my Grandpa are definitely my biggest fans. But a lot of my family and friends give me positive support.

E-My mom and dad

Who is your favorite MLB team?

D-The Atlanta Braves

E-Braves of course

If you could change something about playing the game, what would it be?

D-Instant Replay.

E-Make it shorter LOL

Who is your favorite player?

D-As a kid growing up I was always a fan of Derek Jeter, but my favorite pitcher is definitely Craig Kimbrel.

E-Rafeal Fercal, St. Louis Cardinals’ shortstop

What do you guys like to do when you hang out?

D-We tend to play Xbox a lot or watch movies.

E-Party, play video games, outdoor activities like go to the pool or volleyball or Frisbee.

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