Making the Magic Happen

With Mercer’s Homecoming theme being Disney, what better way to celebrate it than writing about how college students can have the opportunity to work in the most magical place on Earth? This past spring, I participated in one of the most life-changing programs I have ever been a part of, the Disney College Program (DCP).

This program gives students currently enrolled in college or graduating during their application process the opportunity to work in Disney World or Disneyland for a semester. There are plenty of jobs--or roles, as Disney calls them. You will soon learn there is another language in Disney for roles, cast members, backstage helpers, etc. Check them out here.

The process consists of a general application including basic information and job experience. You are not required to have much experience. After making it past the application review, there is a web-based interview, which is basically a personality test. Do not take this lightly. Be sure to read carefully and answer consistently and candidly.

This is followed by a phone interview, which is the main part of the application process.

Tip #1: Be prepared. That means you need to do your research on what kinds of questions will be asked, and know how you would answer them. There are plenty of videos and blogs on the phone interview to help you!

Tip #2: Be happy and energetic. Even though it is a phone interview, smile… the interviewer will hear it in your voice. After all, how can you work for the happiest place on Earth without being a happy person?

After all of the logistics are over with and you are accepted, that is when the fun and hard work comes. Even in Disney World, there is hard work filled of challenges. There will be long hours and weeks, but you get to work with diverse people from all around the world. Not only will you make other people’s days magical and full of happiness, but you will be surprised at how many people bring this same joy to you.

Also, you get to live in apartment style housing with all of the other College Participants (CPs). I got lucky by finding five amazing girls on Facebook that became my best friends throughout the program.

When you aren’t working, you get free admission into the parks. Plus, you get a discount on food, drinks, merchandise, Disney resort stays, and so many other things in the Orlando area. If you get tired of the parks, you can always go to the beach, which is only an hour and a half away!

Whether you have a dream of working at Disney, need an internship to graduate, or you just want a fortune 500 company on your résumé, this experience will surpass everything you could imagine. It isn’t the job that makes it worth it, but the people you meet during the program. They are what makes Disney the most magical place on Earth.

For a glimpse into my college program, check out this video I made compiling all of the best moments!

Have a magical day and feel free to email us any questions you have!