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How can you tell when someone simply loves a drink? Has it ever happened that you walk over to a friend’s fridge and opened it hopeful to find food, but instead all you find is soda? Not just any kind of soda, but a specific type of soda. They would not dare defile their fridge with a mixture of drinks. This beverage takes the place of water at times and is the emergency go-to drink when they are either happy or they’re stressed.  Also, when it happens to run out, whether it is at three in the morning or at noon, they feel an irresistible urge to go restock as soon as possible.

I can’t say that I have met someone like that, but that may be simply because I am that person. You know the saying that everyone has that one crazy friend, but if you think you don’t it’s because you are the crazy friend? Well in this case I am guilty. Dr. Pepper is always in abundance in my fridge, and if given the choice, it will always be my first pick. I can’t pin point a specific reason why. It may be due to the amazing cherry taste, or the cool cherry chill I get when I drink it on a hot summer day.

Once the taste sticks with you, it never leaves. Slowly, but surely, it will prove to be the taste that you can’t get out of your head.  Yes, there may be times when Dr. Pepper is simply not available. Of course I have my fallback drink so I can cope for the time being. However, I always crave the familiar cherry taste and will go to it any chance I get.

You also know that you are serious about your drink when you hear a can opening and you automatically know Dr. Pepper is on the premises. As crazy as this may sound, it happens, and not just in commercials. My room mate is living proof of this. She can hear the sound of a can popping, and no matter where she is in the apartment, she will come down and get a can.  

You may not think much of Dr. Pepper, but really, you should give it a shot. Not the knock off of Dr. Pepper known as Pibb Extra, but the real authentic Pepper. Even though Sweet Tea is prevalent in the South, venture out and let your senses experience the goodness of the cherry taste. One of Dr. Pepper’s slogans, “There’s Just More to It”, explains the taste exceptionally well. Once you try it, it leaves the sensation that there is more to the taste than you can explain; it’s something that keeps railing you in time and time again. It may be the secret ingredient, or it may be the mixture of 23 flavors that intertwine to bring out the unique taste, but no matter what this secret is, Dr. Pepper remains the best soft drink that you can enjoy and share with friends and family.

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