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Jaynisha Patel

Jaynisha Patel’s sparkling personality is a much needed refresher to students around campus. Making the dean’s list during her freshman year, this accomplished sophomore sat down with Her Campus to answer a few questions!

Her Campus: What is your major and minor?
Jaynisha: My major is biochemistry and my minor in chemistry and business administration
HC: What campus activities are you involved in academically and socially?
J: Some of the campus activities I do are Phi Eta Sigma (national honors society), Mercer University Indian Cultural Exchange. I am also a Relay for Life campus representative, a Merpmed, and I do work on campus as an student instructor in pre-calculus.

HC: What do you hope to do after you graduate?
J: I hope that after I graduate that I become a doctor. Hopefully specialize in allergy.
HC: Where is your favorite place to visit?
J: My favorite place to visit is my grandparents because they always cook me good food and they are open-hearted people.

HC:  Who is the person that influences you the most and why?
J: I think the person that inspires me is my mom. She always pushes me in a good direction.

Ashley is a senior at Mercer University in Macon, Georgia. She is a journalism major with a minor in art. Playing an active role on campus, she is a staff writer for The Cluster, Secretary for the Society for Collegiate Journalists, Build Coordinator for Habitat for Humanity and On-site reporter for Mercer99 News. In her spare time she enjoys cooking, volunteering, watching ESPN and any installment of The Real Housewives. After graduation Ashley plans to attend graduate school seeking a dual degree in journalism and law.
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