Humans of New York at Mercer??

In a stoke of genius, Shruthi Vikraman has brought Humans of New York to Macon with Humans of Mercer University. So far the organization has 478 likes on Facebook, and so many more are about to find out about it.
Q: So, for those readers who are unsure of what Humans of Mercer University is, tell me a bit about your blog.
A: Humans of Mercer University is essentially a photography page on Facebook, dedicated to documenting the stories of different people on campus. It was inspired by Brandon Stanton, creator of Humans of New York, who now has an audience of more than 14 million, to whom Stanton tells the stories of everyday people. 
Q: What kind of camera do you use?
A: I use a Canon EOS Rebel SL1 DSLR with a 18-55mm lens, and I occasionally touch up my photographs on Adobe Photoshop CS6. 
Q: Where did you learn your photography skills?
A: I don’t actually consider myself a photographer, just an artist. I managed to save up enough money for a camera, and I wanted to do something worthwhile with it. I taught myself how to use it, read the manual cover to cover and I learned how to take aesthetic photos from tutorials, but the technical skills I acquired meant nothing if I couldn’t use it meaningfully. 
Q: Is this blog going to be strictly on Facebook, or are you moving to other platforms as well?
A: I’m still not sure of what the scope of this project will be, and where it will end up. The only purpose of this page is to give the stories it tells, as much exposure as possible, so that Mercer’s students can connect and relate to each other. 
Q: How did you find Humans of New York?
A: Like any other popular trend, HONY was all over the internet. At first, I didn’t think photography could be such a big deal, but I immediately fell in love with the page and what Stanton hoped to accomplish. As I read the stories of complete strangers, I felt a connection to each and every one of them, and I realized how powerful pictures could really be.
Q: What inspired you to bring Humans of New York to Macon?
A: As a freshman myself, I can relate to others who initially feel lonely and scared to start college. I wanted to create something that assured them that no one is alone here. Once we see others like us, who we can relate to, we already feel like we belong in the community. 
Q: What do you think is special enough about Macon and the people here to document through your blog?
A: For Humans of Mercer University to exist, all I need are people with stories. You can find anything interesting about people as long as you ask the right questions in the right places. 
Q: Who has reached out to you to collaborate with you on this project? Or just to congratulate you?
A: The positivity for this project is astounding. I never thought it would blow up so quickly and that people would respond so well to it. I have already had several people wanting to collaborate, which I think is a brilliant idea, seeing that it would only broaden the different types of stories that could be featured. But I don’t think I will ever get used to being approached by strangers who want to congratulate me for starting the project. It’s overwhelming, but I am glad to see that they appreciate what I’m trying to accomplish. 
Shruthi came here with a vision, an idea. In order to create a blog like this, the author must be able to look at people and see past the surface. They must be able to see the beauty and the stories within. Each and every one of us is unique and beautiful, and it takes the right person to see that. Shruthi is just the person for the job. Throughout the next few months, there will be pictures and stories posted of people we know, and people we should get to know. Our little world will be exposed for how intricate it really is.