How to Survive Music Midtown 2k15

It’s that jolly time of year again in downtown Atlanta called Music Midtown! Music Midtown is a weekend music festival featuring several popular singers and bands. This year is especially exciting with Elton John, Drake, and Sam Smith being some of the headliners. I have been to the festival three times now and even though it’s crowded and hot, those two days are some of the best days I have spent in Atlanta and I grew up there. Check out these tips to make your Music Midtown experience the best it can be!

1. Pack lightly and selectively

Have you ever had that freak out moment when you are packing and you think to yourself, “am I packing too much or am I forgetting everything?” Well, Music Midtown is not any different. But, in all honesty, you don’t need much. No, you don’t need six extra pairs of shoes and no, you don’t need twelve back up cameras.

There are really four main things you need in your bag at Music Midtown: your phone, cash, an empty water bottle, and Band-Aids! You are not allowed to bring in your own food or alcohol, so if you want either of those, make sure to bring cash and water bottles! You will not regret having a light backpack or purse when you accidently hit that cute guy to your right with it and NOT knock him out.


2. Dress comfortably

Don’t be that girl in the 6-inch heels and $900 skin-tight dress trying to walk through muddy grass. Wear a cute top and shorts or even a t-shirt with yoga pants! Wear something that you will comfortable in for a day spent in the hot sun from 10 am to possibly midnight. Sunglasses are perfect accessories that will help you see clearer and if you’re like my roommate, slap a flower head band on and be a true festivalgoer! (Also the Band-Aids aforementioned were for the possible blisters.)


3. Travel in packs

I would highly suggest attending Music Midtown with a group of a few friends. Not just because it is more fun, but because of safety. Ever been lost in a Wal-Mart, separated from your mother? Being lost at Music Midtown is sort of like that, but hot, filled with thousands of people, and there is no bakery. If you travel in packs, you won’t get lost with a dead phone and nowhere to go. Safety first!

4. Check the schedule and plan ahead

All of the singers and groups are on separate stages at different times all day at Music Midtown. You could be that kid that just frolics around Piedmont Park from stage to stage and doesn’t have a care in the world. But what happens when your favorite hipster band starts playing on the stage across the park from you and you’re stuck at the front of a mosh-pit? Plan. Ahead. Schedule your days at Music Midtown and know for sure that you will see your beloved Drake and hipster bands. You and your friends will not regret it.


5. Have fun!

Of course! This is the most important tip, because even if you accidentally miss an amazing band or wear uncomfortable shoes, you still need to remember to enjoy your time. Music Midtown is filled with people who also paid $40-$60 to see some amazing artists perform, just like you! It’s always important to have fun.


I hope these five tips will help you make the best of your experience at Music Midtown. Just remember to pack lightly, wear comfortable clothing, go with friends, plan ahead, and have fun!