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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Mercer chapter.

Every year, the arrival of Bearstock brings with it an interesting blend of excitement, anticipation and anxiousness. Well, at least that’s how I feel. I’m excited for the fun that will surely ensue, I can’t wait until the headliners are revealed. I’m also a little anxious because what am I going to wear?!

This year is no different. With the arrival of The Electric Sons, Timeflies, and Relient K on what is sure to be a beautiful Spring day, BearStock 2015 is geared up to be one to remember. Of course, balancing your phone, keys, wallet and chapstick while spending the day outside under the Georgia sun can bring its own set of issues. To make sure that the weekend of April 11th is one you won’t forget, check out these tips for surviving BearStock.

1. What to wear?

The simple answer? Something comfortable. As tempting as it may be to strut outside in you runway best, chances are, most of your day will be spent standing up and walking around. And once the show really starts that night, you might find yourself shoulder to shoulder in a throng of sweaty college students getting hype to their favorite song. Girls could pick a colorful romper paired with a cute pair of converse and some accessories.  Guys can’t go wrong with a nice t-shirt and shorts.

2. How should I prep?

Concerts are more fun when you can sing along. Prep by getting familiar with the bands and checking them out on YouTube. Also, a humid spring day can be a real struggle. Play it safe with light makeup and a low-maintenance hairstyle. Oh, and don’t forget the deodorant!      

3. …the sun?

Georgia weather can certainly be unpredictable, but it’s a safe bet to say you’ll be dealing with the sun during BearStock. Stay hydrated, and make sure you apply sunscreen before you leave. A pair of sunglasses is probably a good idea as well. 



4. What should I bring?

Personally, I’m not comfortable leaving my apartment unless I’m equipped with a mini survival kit. You know, phone, keys, headphones, a tent, 48hrs worth of water, and several snacks. Since the day will be spent outside walking around, only the basics are necessary. A small drawstring backpack or cross-body purse is great for comfortably toting around your phone, keys, wallet and whatever you buy from the vendors. If you plan on sticking to a small section of the park, a blanket or towel and chair could come in handy as well.




5. What else?

There are a few other things that are easy to forget when you’re swept up in the excitement of Bearstock.

Even though the action is all of 10 seconds away from Mercer’s Campus, it’s still important to stay safe and be aware of your surroundings. Getting lost amidst hundreds of people isn’t fun. Go with a group of friends and stick together.

Set a spending limit in your head and stick with it. Walking down the rows of vendors selling everything from CDs and T-shirts to fried fish and frozen lemonade can be very tempting. Very. But you don’t want to regret blowing your spending money for the month in one day.

Lastly, keep a cool head. With so many people in one area, someone or something is bound to get on your nerves, or step on your toes. It happens. Just keep moving and remember that BearStock is supposed to be fun. Oh, and it’s free!



Keep these tips in mind and BearStock 2015 might just be the best yet!