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He’s got them Moves (like Jagger): Kenny Tang

Kenny Tang is a twenty-two year old, fifth year student here at Mercer majoring in his Biomedical Engineering. He is involved in Greek life and a member of the MacTown Breakers.

Favorite part about Mercer: “The small mercer high feeling. I really enjoy that aspect where you just know everyone,” but he also likes to meet new people.

Favorite Super Hero: “Batman, because he is a hero by himself he doesn’t have any super powers, he was born into old money but her uses technology to fight crime and he uses his knowledge to fight crime and not just his brute strength. It appeals to my engineering side.”

Describes himself as: “Casually hard working; I get it done when I need to but I just kind of chill through it.”

3 Things on his bucket list:
1) Sky Diving
2) Visit Japan
3) Deep Dish Pizza

In the ladies he likes: Faces, legs, and integrity; do what you say you’re going to do and look nice while you’re at it.

Favorite artist right now: Dumbfoundead, a rapper based in LA.

Celebrity Crush: Anne Hathaway, she is a unique kind of hot

Top 2 Shows
1) How I met your mother
2) Myth Busters

Life Motto: Work Hard, Play Hard

Olivia is a Business Major at Mercer University, pursuing a degree in Management and a minor in Marketing. With love for the arts she aspire to someday open her own bakery and non-profit organization for the arts. With a passion for all thing in life she hopes to spread the joy of community and creativity.
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