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Giving Mercer a Voice: Dr. Stanley L. Roberts

Dr. Stanley Roberts has worked for Mercer for seventeen years in various offices and is now the Director of Choral Studies. His favorite part of working at Mercer is the students. He went on to explain “I was a student here as an undergraduate. I really love the type of student that Mercer attracts, and for me its kind of special having been here for a while. I think from a standpoint there is a connectiveness with students today and students years ago; we had the same desires and wants and fun times.”

Dr. Roberts also enjoys the size of the campus because it is a place where he can get to know students outside of the music building and all across the campus. Dr. Roberts directs the Mercer Singers and Women’s Choir, he is also the Assosiate Dean of Townsend School of Music, he teaches conducting students, and has contact with students before they begin attending Mercer.

Events to look out for at the McCorkle Music Building:
Family Weekend Gala Concert featuring The Mercer Singers Saturday, September 22 at 3pm
Thanksgiving song concert Sunday, November 18th at 3pm 
Townsend School of Music:

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