The following answers are as told by lovely co-workers and friends of Gina John.

Name: Gina John

Classification: Senior

Major: Gina is majoring in Biology, Spanish, and Communication Studies along with earning minors in Chemistry and Psychology. 

Why is Gina so Awesome? This is difficult to summarize, but Gina is awesome because of her personality. She is easily one of the most empathetic and caring individuals I have had the pleasure to meet. She strives for excellence and assumes that's simply what is expected of her. In her eyes, she is only as accomplished as her friends. She builds others up.

What organizations is she involved in? Everything... I may not have them all, but: Residence Hall Association, Bears Battling Cancer, National Residence Hall Honorary, International Bear Association, Georgia Residence Hall Association  

What is her plan after graduation? Gina would like to enter into the medical field. Her dream is to become a doctor and work at St. Jude's Children Research Hospital.

Describe a funny memory you had with Gina: I cannot pin point one in particular moment, but due to her lack of sleep because she is over involved, I often find Gina sleeping in very random places. I am always amused and have started a collection of pictures. I have found her asleep on the Sherwood Hall Lounge or in my office floor. My office has a small couch, but she chose to sleep on the floor... or you can find her napping in her car. Pretty much anywhere she can find a place to lay, Gina sleeps.

What are some adjectives that describe her? Empathetic, Devoted, Determined, Intelligent, Ambitious, Thoughtful

What is the best superlative to give Gina? Most likely to be the Recognition Queen!