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October is the month when all the scary things come out. Sections of department stores turn into mini scary attractions, and Halloween costumes appear. October is also the month when many scary houses and attractions open. All around Georgia, barns and trails prepare to scare and torment their visitors. Here are just a few of the best haunted attractions in Georgia:



Fear the Woods:

This attraction features a haunted barn, hayride, trail, pumpkin cannons, zombie paintball hayride and a reptile exhibit. This is located in Stockbridge and is open on weekends. Admission for adults is $15 for separate attractions, and $25 for a combo. Make sure you get there this month because Fear the Woods will be over after Halloween weekend.






Located in Norcross, Netherworld is one of Georgia’s best known haunted house, and one of the top haunts in the nation. It’s recognized nation-wide and has received many awards and recongitions from Hauntworld Magazine, Yahoo Travel and the Travel Channel. Open for about every day in October, Netherworld’s tickets range from $22 to $30 depending on what attractions you want to participate in, and $50 for a Speed Pass. This is a great attraction; however it is very popular which means that wait lines and group sizes are larger than usual, and you may hear and know what’s ahead of you before you get there. 





13 Stories:

Another well-known haunted house is 13 Stories. It is located in Newnan. Everything you’ve ever feared will be there. Lunatics, a zombie alley, the feared Clawn Haus, and a Sacrifice chamber (where you must be at least 18 years old and sign a waiver). If you want the adrenaline rush, and are ready for the scare of your life, 13 Stories is a great choice. But that’s not all. 13 Stories has specials where you can become the zombie killer you’ve always dreamed to be. On October 24th, 25th, 31st & November 1st, you can receive an M4 with 150 rounds and be a recruit, killing select zombies for an additional $15 to your regular ticket. Black Ops, for an additional $20 during the same dates, you can upgrade to twice the ammunition and “kill” any zombies or creatures. Regular ticket prices range from $25 to $35. This house is also popular, so if you plan to visit it on a weekend, lines and waiting will be very long. But there is a way around it. The house has VIP tickets to help you avoid the madness.





Paranoia Haunt

This is located in Roswell, and for $25 their attraction known as Toxicity and The Forgotten. Open Thursday through Sunday every week, and every day during Halloween week, Paranoia Haunt is another adventure waiting for you. Some even say Paranoia is better than Netherworld. One review said: “Paranoia made me jump & scream!! I DON’T scare easily at all, but BOTH houses [at] Paranoia scared me! I go to Netherworld almost every Halloween, but it never really scares me, Paranoia is WAY BETTER!!!!! I really like that they only send in very small groups with lots of space between each group that way you never really know what’s next!! Can’t wait to see what y’all come up with next year!”





Camp Blood

This haunted house is in Carrollton, Georgia, just west of Atlanta. It is open October 18th though November 1st from 9pm. The haunts are available for $20, and a combo ticket for the haunts and Zombie Paintball is only $10 more.

The attraction is overall well rated. A visitor gave the house 5 stars and said: “Went last weekend and got the crap scared outta me and it was a very fun experience I have to say.”





Six Flags Fright Fest


Almost everyone knows of Six Flags in Atlanta. When October rolls around, it becomes a “thrill by day, and fright by night.” With many attractions and rides, this may be the perfect attraction for you no matter when you find the time to attend.





Scare House of the South

Open on Fridays and Saturdays, The Scare House of the South in Gillis Springs claims that it is NOT family friendly or fun. This attraction is very serious about what they are doing, and they clearly explain that they’re not here for fun and games. Rated R due to strong violence, horror, adult content and language, they have one goal; to truly SCARE you. General admissions tickets are only $15, and show times begin at dark.





Perry Haunted Barn

Not very far from Macon is the Perry Haunted Barn. It is one of the top 10 haunted barns in the US. Tickets are $16 but if you bring a canned good, you can get $1 discount. Many are entusiastic of both the aesthetics and the cause. One rater says that it’s “scary scary scary!!! And all for charities!!! So many charities benefit from this awesome experience! How can you go wrong! Win win!”





Plantation Blood

Located in Augusta, Plantation Blood is another of Georgia’s attractions. For $22 you can make it through the entire haunt, and if at any time you feel like you simply have had enough, or you cannot take it anymore, you can exit the attraction, so even the less-brave souls can give it a shot. Many goers give it 4 to 5 stars, and say that the attraction provided “a very scary time…Greatest haunt in the CSRA!!!”



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