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Final Exam Survival Kit

The final week of the semester is here! Everyone on campus is running around and worrying about failing, getting a thousand papers done, and barely sleeping. In this time of struggle, random acts of kindness are a great way to take a break, feel good about your self, and make someone else feel good. Final exam study kits are an inexpensive and very productive way to help your loved ones get through this crazy week.

When making a final exam survival kit, you could make something with lots of detail and includes themes and specialty items, but sometimes the simple approach is better.  The best things to provide in those simple kits are lots of snacks (some healthy and some that will give a good sugar rush), office supplies that are particularly useful during studying, and lots of encouraging notes.

Office Supplies

No matter what class you are studying for, there are a few things that will assist in getting through finals week.

  • Notecards: If your friend is working on a paper or studying math or science concepts, notecards can be used to take notes, to make flashcards, or to make outlines. To make the survival kit a little more fun, purchase notecards of all different sizes and colors. If you are on a budget, you can also purchase a pack of 100 notecards for less than a dollar.
  • Sticky Notes: Though sticky notes can have the same function of notecards, they can also be used for those more precise notes, random thoughts of genius, or self-reminders.
  • Sticky tabs: A great and colorful way to mark a place in a book!
  • Pens and Pencils: If you want to really personalize your gift, take your favorite pen or pencil and put it in the survival kit. Write a note that tells them that your favorite pen is with them so that you can get through studying together.


  • The obvious unhealthy choice would fall under candy, chips, and my favorite, Doritos and salsa. Keep these things to a minimum, because your body needs to ingest nutrients to keep you going through the long nights. Try and avoid sugar and limit caffeine.
  • While studying, people need nutrients such as proteins and lots of vitamins. Fill sandwich bags with nuts, raisins, oatmeal, and popcorn. Another option could be providing a gift card to the local grocery store, with a healthy grocery list. Include things like yogurt, cottage cheese, fruits, vegetables, and tea.

Personal Notes

The most important part of this package is the personal notes that you will provide for your loved one. Through all the stress and long hours of non-stop studying, they will need something positive to fall back on. Here are a few examples of notes that you can provide.

  • One long letter- Write a long letter and put it in a folder or huge loud envelope. Include all of your love, an explanation of all your little gifts, and lots of good luck.
  • Small personal notes- Write lots of small notes for certain situations, and label them. You can include things like “read me when you are at your lowest”, “Open me when you finish your last paper”, or “I am waiting to make your laugh”. These small notes can have pieces of advice, lots of small encouraging notes, or funny pictures.
  • Exam Notes- Write notes for each exam that the person has to take and label them with the class title. These exams can include things like “I know that you are dreading this exam, but you will kick some butt!”

This is an example of an encouraging Exam Note

Dear Organic Chemistry,

You are the scum between my toes. I hope you enjoy the depths of hell as much as I enjoy kicking your butt and receiving my A.

                                                                                                                           Respectfully, (Your name) on behalf of (friend’s name)

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