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Fall Fashions: Hairstyle Edition

What’s trending on campus at Mercer as fall rolls around? The answer is the latest hairstyles from braids to up-dos and dyes of sorts. Many fall hair fashions show up on your Tumblr posts and Pinterest Boards. So what are the top trending styles?

1. Lately the fishtail braids have received a lot of rave. It is an inverted alternate to the well-known classic braid. This braid attracts the eye especially when paired with either an off-shoulder top or a bright solid-colored dress with a simple belt. If you wear this hairstyle, try to avoid busy patterns for the top.

Braids are really the latest style trend, but a unique way of wearing them has been in an up-do form. One way you can combine a braid and an up-do is by braiding your hair and then twisting it into a bun. Another idea is to flip your hair over and braid the hair near the back of your neck to the crown of your head and then put the rest of the hair in a bun. Also you can form one or two braids on the side of your head and then connect them in a bun or ponytail. Most of these dos are best to wear with dresses or tops tucked into skinny jeans and a scarf. The hair being moved away from the neck allows for accessories to be noticed.

Waterfall braids are also the new hype. These are braids that go across your head and still leave hair falling through. You can be uncomplicated by leaving the hair that is down straight or you can play it up for a date, perhaps, by making light curls. This hairstyle can be worn with a sweater or a light top and some dark jeans.

4. Messy buns also add sophistication to your look. Try it with a loose top and skinny jean or a fall dress or any other form of clothing that highlights your collar bones.

5. A trick that can give you those beachy waves in the fall is by using a straightener. Part your hair in two and twist each section and tie them with hair ties. Then run your hair straightener along both twists a few times. Finally, untie your twists and you have beach waves.

You can find more fashions as well as tips on HerCampus Mercer’s Pinterest boards and Tumblr posts. They can be found at these links: http://pinterest.com/hermercer/ and http://hermercer.tumblr.com

Photo source: http://pinterest.com/hermercer/hair/ 

Steffiny is a senior pursuing a B.A Accounting degree at Mercer University. In addition to being the Campus Correspondent for Her Campus, she is a Contributing Writer for Her Campus Mercer. Steffiny is very active at her campus. She is the Vice President of Alumni Relations for Delta Sigma Pi (the professional business fraternity), a Resident Assistant, and she works at the Academic Resource Center. Steffiny has many other talents, one of which is Indian dance choreography. If she could be anything in the world, she hopes to be a mermaid. Steffiny likes to travel, spend time with family and friends, listen to Disney songs (especially the Tarzan soundtrack), and play in the rain. This past summer she went to New Zealand for an accounting internship. After she graduates in May 2015, she will go to Thailand to teach English for nine months!
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