The Dish on Carolyn Dishburger!

Name: Carolyn Dishburger

Major: Marketing

Classification: Senior

Relationship status: She's single booooys! 


Favorite food: Parmesan crusted chickenSchool activities: QuadWorks, Peer Advisor, NSLSHobbies: I'm a cinephile so anything involving cinematics- movies, tv, YouTube..hanging with my friends, anything social, I absolutely love meeting new people, writing, runs through Macon (during daylight hours)

Role model: It's cheesy, but my brother is definitely up there! He's just a solid, all American guy who's honest and isn't afraid to stand up for what he believes in. My second not as cheesy one is Walt Disney- he's the epitome of making dreams happen not just for himself but for others as well; plus his company brought Peter Pan to life! What are your pet peeves? When people chew so loudly that I can actually count the number of times you chew your food. If I can hear you masticate over a professor teaching, I'm annoyed lol. Also I'm not a big fan of people talking over one another- it's rude. Just wait your turn.Favorite quote: "I think this fear of going forward comes from this brain noise. It scares us away from what we love. But we need to realize that it's ok to say shhh and not listen to our brain noise"- Chris Evans

What do you enjoy about being a Mercer Bear? The community. Regardless of who you are THERE'S a niche here for you, and there are opportunities to completely submerge yourself in whatever you want to study or learn or experience. Also there's a plethora of opportunities and mentors ready to help you branch out; so if there's something you really want to do but are afraid of, there's an insta-support build into being a Mercer Bear.What are your plans for Spring Break? I'm just taking a mini road trip to visit friends still in school and see some loved ones. It's a pretty quiet spring break!