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Changes to Mercer: Bringing Back Tradition

Tradition is a huge part of Mercer University. Within the first month of school, you have probably been knee deep in annual events such as fall convocation, O-group events, and rush. Within the next few months there will also be other events like Pilgrimage to Penfield as well as all of the homecoming events.  With all of the tradition swarming around campus, it is interesting to see all the new changes blend with the rest of Mercer. With the largest incoming class in Mercer’s history, the influence of such a diverse freshman class will be one great thing to experience, but before we get to see that, we have already seen so many tangible differences popping up on campus. This blog will get the inside scoop on all of the new things happening at this historically rich school. Let’s find out how it really affects all of campus and how students feel.

 Bringing Back Tradition

The most apparent change to Mercer is the giant football field that has been placed at the entrance. Even if you do not pass the front entrance, you are able to see the sudden increase in male athletes walking all around campus. Though most people think football is a new addition to Mercer, a lot of people forget that Mercer was the first university (along with UGA) to have a football game in the state of Georgia. The first game was in 1892 and the last game was played in 1941. In its time, the Mercer football team played against teams that are now known nation wide, like UGA and GA Tech. Do you think this could foreshadow the future popularity of the team?

With the future aside, let us discuss the current popularity of the future team. While most people are excited to actually attend games and have another reason to express Mercer pride, people around campus have mixed feelings about the actual team. While a lot of girls are lovin’ the eye candy, some people are questioning the effect on our academic reputation. One professor even stated that she felt as though she was teaching a seventh grade class. Several of the science majors are still disappointed in the university’s decision to build a stadium, instead of renovating Willet Science Center (which currently has no AC).

Even with the negative feedback, there is a lot of great commentary. The football players are working really hard to represent our school. Every morning they are on the football field at six am doing drills and preparing for the road ahead. Through all of the injuries, sickness, and mixed feedback from the rest of campus, the team must be commended on their drive. No matter if it is going back to old traditions or starting new ones, football is going to continue to spread the great Mercer spirit. Join the entire campus on August 31, 2013 for one of the most anticipated events in Mercer’s history.

Photo courtesy of: http://www2.mercer.edu/News/Articles/2011/110427_Helmet.htm

I am a student at Mercer University, and I am majoring in Journalism and Christianity.
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