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Bearstock Do’s and Don’t’s

DO wear sunscreen

Even if you’re only out for an hour or two, remember to put on some SPF. The weather is supposed to be 80 degrees and sunny, which is absolutely beautiful, but can be damaging to your skin.


DON’T drink

Seriously, just don’t even think about it, especially underage drinking. Firstly, it’s illegal. Secondly, there are always tons of law enforcement officials at the concert who have no problem asking you what exactly is in your red Solo cup.


DO bring something to sit on

Itchy grass for eight+ hours in the hot sun? No thanks. A lot of people bring blankets or chairs to set up in the park. If you want to really enjoy the day bands, find a shady spot, lay out a quilt, and relax!


DON’T crowd surf

Ugh. Every time I’ve been to Bearstock, more than one idiot decides to crowd surf. Believe me, no one wants to pick you up and move you around the crowd. And while it’s very annoying, it’s also very dangerous. Last year, I was kicked in the back of the head because of a crowd surfer before he collapsed on top of another girl standing behind me. If a crowd surfer does come your way, just be alert and careful; it’s very likely they could fall on you.


DO bring your dog during the day!

Or cat. Or bunny (as long as there’s a leash!) Bearstock is a great way to get your pet out of the house. There are always a lot of pet owners with their furry friends enjoying the beautiful day.



DON’T carry a purse

Ladies, I know that your purse is your magical bag of goodies. You can fit a hair brush, hair spray, snacks, drinks, or even a miniature model of the Statue of Liberty inside a good purse. But for Bearstock, just stick to the essentials: cellphone, ID, money. I suggest getting a clutch, one of those handy phone cases that has slots for your cards, or, if you have to have some kind of bag, a satchel-style. Your shoulder will thank me.


DO invite your friends!

It’s a free all day concert that is open to everyone! You don’t have to be a registered Mercer student to attend. Invite whoever you want (your best friend, grandma, kindergarten teacher, etc.)


DON’T except something less than a concert

It is a concert, remember? You probably won’t have personal space (at all, really) and probably won’t be able to see much unless you get there early. You know if you’re not a concert person (I most definitely am not), so just keep in mind that Bearstock is just like any other music festival: loud and crowded.


DO save money for a t-shirt

Unlike most Mercer events, the Bearstock shirt is not free, and I don’t believe they take a card. So, bring some cash (kept in a secure place, of course). T-shirts are sold at a designated tent that is usually found on the edge of the park.

Katie is a sophomore studying English Literature and Anthropology at Mercer University. When not reading for her classes, she is still reading for pleasure! Katie is a major bookworm whose dream in life is to simply read all day (but, unfortunately, being a well-rounded reader doesn't pay the bills) or be a manatee princess...which isn't very realistic either. Other than books and manatees, Katie has a passion for song, piano, and nature. You can often catch her gazing at the clouds or looking up at tree branches. "The stars gleam, the poets dream..." -Jonathan Larson
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