An Af[fair] to Remember

It is almost that time of year again! You smell the smoked meats, funnel cakes, and cotton candy. Then you hear the screams of joy, the sounds of animals, and the voices of some of today's top country singers. Yep, the Georgia National Fair in Perry is starting October 8th, lasting until the 18th! This isn't just your typical side of the road carnival with a few rides, food, and a circus. When you walk into the Fairgrounds, you can experience tons of rides, shows such as pig races (which are ADORABLE), and delicious food...that probably isn't too healthy, but tastes so good. 

One of my favorite events, and many others who attend this entertaining show, is the hypnotist show. Even if you don't believe what is going on is real, it is HILARIOUS! Imagine your friends, or strangers for that matter, getting up on a stage doing things they would never do in their right mind like a full grown man yelling "I'm the King of the Fairies!" Tammy Barton is nationally renowned and does a fantastic job! However, make sure you look at her showtimes when you get there, and show up an hour early if you want a seat!

Typically, her tent is set up near the food and drinks, which is great for getting concessions before going to the show. I have a few recommendations other than your typical funnel cakes and cotton candy. If you are looking for a sweet drink, they have yummy virgin strawberry daiquiris made from dole whip! At another booth, there is frozen cheesecake on a stick, which you can get dipped in chocolate. No description needed. It is delicious.

Aside from food, there are the most amazing art exhibits that range from photography to drawings to cake decorating and sculptures. It generally takes me hours to go through and look at it all. 

Another one of my favorite things about the fair is all of the music! There are free concerts that you can just walk around and listen to, as well as ones you can pay for that have had stars like Hunter Hayes, The Jonas Brothers, and this year, Rascal Flatts and Alabama. Tickets are on sale now for $50.

At the end of every night, if you haven’t had enough fun throughout the day, they launch breath-taking fireworks. The best places to watch them are on the lake in the paddleboats or if you happen to get lucky enough, like I did one year, to get stuck at the top of the Ferris wheel.

So if you don’t like rides, there is plenty to do at the fair. If you do like rides, there are plenty of them ranging from spinning zero-gravity rides to dropping you so far your stomach moves to your throat. However, if you want to be the ultimate dare-devil, try speed. 


Whatever your preference is, you will be sure to have fun at the Georgia National Fair! Check out everything they have to offer at!