12 Celeb Crushes All 90's Kids Had

You know you loved them.

12. Jonathan Taylor Thomas 

You might know Jonathan from Home Improvement, or The Lion King, or even I'll Be Home for Christmas, but either way, no one can resist that smirk. He also went to Harvard. Smart and cute, what a winner! 

11. Danielle Fishel             

TOPANGA!!! You totally just read that in Cory Matthew's (Ben Savage's) voice, I know it. She was the really smart, quirky crush/girlfriend/wife of Cory in Boy Meets World and she will continue to be that in all of our hearts.

10. Heath Ledger

Heath melted our hearts while serenading Julia Stiles in 10 Things I Hate About You, falling in love with Jake Gylenhaal in Brokeback Mountain, and speaking to us in his Austrailian accent. May he rest in peace with his adorable, dimply smile. 

9. Usher

Usher loves to confess himself to us in 2 parts and tell us how the DJ made him fall in love, but what he really loves... is being extremely attractive. Whether you care to admit it or not, we all busted out moves to "OMG" and "Love in this Club". 

8. James Franco

I LOVE the show Freaks and Geeks. Almost as much as I love James Franco's teethy grin. James has skyrocketed in fame since Freaks and Geeks, but his good looks and smile have not changed one bit. 

7. Ashton Kutcher

Ashton was the cutest part of That '70's Show and he is the cutest part of any Nikon commercial. We will never forget his stoner outburts and his adorable laugh.

6. Will Smith

Whenever you hear his name, you know you start thinking, "Now, this is a story all about how my life got flipped- turned up side down...." and I would, too. I would also think about how handsome he is all the time. 

5. John Stamos

Have mercy. John Stamos is a shoe-in for attractive men of the 90's, as well as attractive men since forever. Everything about him is dreamy, including his side burns. 

4. Mark-Paul Gosselaar

I know, I know, what about Mario Lopez?! Well, you can totally disagree with me here, but Mark-Paul definitely won my heart in Saved by The Bell with his boyish looks and his blonde waves.

3. Jennifer Aniston

She's perfect then, perfect now, and probably will be perfect forever. Jennifer is the constantly pretty Rachel Green from Friends for life. We envy her and love her. 

2. Leonardo DiCaprio

Oh, Leo. Where do I even begin? Romeo + Juliet? Titanic? The Basketbal Diairies? I don't know, but I think we can all unanimously agree that Leonardo deserves an Oscar for his talents and his beautiful looks. 

1. Johnny Depp

Finishing first in not only this list, but also my heart. Johnny is one of the most attractive men out there, whether he has scissor hands, an addiction to rum, or slicked back hair. He is the ultimate 90's celeb crush.