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Top Goo Products

“I’m pretty sure I’m a goo addict.” -Jenna Marbles, YouTube Sensation/Comedian

Every girl has a collection of her favorite goo products, and if not, here’s a consensus of mine that you go buy right after reading this blurb! If you’ve never heard or coined the term “goo,” let me first start off by explaining it entails any form of….well, goo – hair products, skin care, and of course, my favorite, makeup. 

As far as hair products go, my list isn’t very long considering my hair is basically this mop of waves and confusion. My number one go-to would have to be Garnier’s Dry Shampoo that comes in a spray can. IT IS AMAZING. While the bottle tells you it’s for “volume,” every girl knows it’s actually for those days you wake up late or you just don’t feel like washing your hair. Spray a bit at your roots and visible part, rub it in, and BOOM greasy hair is GONE. Definitely a staple in every girl’s travel bag.

Another fave hair product of mine would have to be Aussie’s Heat Protectant Spray. All you have to do is sprits the contents onto your hair before blow-drying, and it prevents fried and dead ends. You can definitely tell the difference even after just one use. For me that basically sums up my hair care routine, besides the basics such as shampoo and hair spray. (If you’re wondering, I use Ogx Brazilian Keratin Therapy Shampoo and Conditioner; for hairspray, I adore Garnier’s Extra Hold Spray).


Either the best or worst topic for late teens/early twenties women is skin care. I personally have struggled with moderate acne ever since puberty hit me like a truck. So, most of the products I use are great for sensitive or acne prone skin. Since I do see a dermatologist, I am prescribed topical treatments, BUT before this lovely time, I used to drug store creams and treatments. My favorites would have to be OXY’s Benzoyl Peroxide cream along with Neutragena’s Salicylic Acid cream. Both products can be purchased around $15 total.


A newly acclaimed favorite face goo of mine has to be Freeman’s Charcoal & Black Sugar Polishing Mask. I AM IN LOVE WITH THIS FACE MASK. Unlike other masks, it doesn’t harden. You leave it on for about 5-7 mins, give it a little more scrubbing/exfoliating into the skin then rise it off. It seriously makes your skin feel like a baby’s bum – super duper soft. While the bottle says to use as needed, I’ve gotten in the habit of using it nearly every night. Not only does it soften your skin, but I’ve also noticed my breakouts clearing up. Anyone wanting a good exfoliating scrub should definitely try it. 

I wouldn’t proclaim myself as a makeup guru, but I LOVE MAKEUP. It is seriously like art for your face with your skin being the canvas. For foundation, I am a dedicated user to Covergirl’s Glam Liquid Foundation. I personally wear shade 110 (I know I am super pale!). This stuff will leave your skin looking flawless (as long as you apply with a foundation brush/powder brush).You can get Covergirl’s  for only $7. So far, it has not broken out my skin, and I’ve been using it for over a semester now! 

Another staple in my makeup bag would definitely be Too Faced’s Better Than Sex mascara. THIS STUFF IS AMAZING. It completely transforms short stubby lashes (like mine) into stilletto thickness. While the product is on the pricey end at around $23 without a coupon, it is worth the price! It is a full size bottle that will last you for at least a month if you apply around two coats a day. While I do use quite a few makeup products, those two would have to be my favorites and can’t-live-withouts.
Hope you ladies enjoyed this week’s article! If you would like an extended list of products and treatments just send me a tweet @_bslawrence! I’ll be sure to get back to you.  See you around campus! :-)
Howdy (get it bc we're from the South, duh). I'm currently a freshman at the University of Memphis studying to become a pediatric nurse, but who knows, I may wind up channeling my inner Cristina Yang and becoming a cardiothoracic surgeon. We'll see where life takes me. I'm an active member of Up Til Dawn, GDIs United, and Fratbag Lovers R Us. The last two are clearly a humorous joke, and if you didn't laugh then we can't be friends. I'm an avid talker, Netflix watcher, and obsessed Grey's Anatomy fan. Hope ya'll enjoy my tidbits of thought :-)
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