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Campus Cutie: Casey Newcomb

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Memphis chapter.

Casey Turner Newcomb, 24 and Junior at University Memphis, enjoys spending time with his girlfriend Kelsey, playing guitar and can be found in the Psychology department learning the inner workings of the human cranium. His hometown is the beautiful blues city of Memphis and his favorite season is autumn. He’s an avid coffee drinker and enjoys a good game of basketball.


Favorite TV Show: Friends

Favorite Movie: “Tropic Thunder. Oh wait, the ladies aren’t going to like that one. It’s a funny, stupid guy movie.”

Favorite Song: Bad by Michael Jackson

Favorite Color: Blue, like an ocean blue


HC: What brought you to the University of Memphis?

CC: “I came to Memphis because I’ve always been a Tigers fan and I really love my hometown and that’s where I wanted to get my bachelor’s degree.”


HC: In high school, what did you want to be when you grew up?

CC: “A pirate. That’s literally what I wanted to be. That’s some of my password questions.”


HC: If you were to describe your spirit animal, what would it be?

CC: “A massive bear, like a Grizzly bear!”


HC: What’s the best joke to use on a girl?

CC: “What kind of shoes does a frog have? Open-toed.”


HC: How did serving in the military help you grow into manhood?

CC: “It taught me a lot being over seas. It widened my perspective of the world.”


HC: What do you like to do in your free time?

CC: “In my free time, I like to run. I play fetch with my dog Cooper too!”


HC: What kind of attributes does Cooper have that you would like your future spouse to have as well?

CC: “”What I’m looking for in a future spouse in relation to my dog Cooper, I like a woman that’s potty trained and comes when I call. And I would hope that my future wife would bathe herself.”


HC: What’s your relationship status?

CC: “I am in a relationship with Kelsey Carmody. She’s a hottie.”


HC: What is your dream date with Kelsey?

CC: “My dream date with Kelsey, I think if I was in Europe… Wait no, I’d become a pilot and I look over at Kelsey and she’s serving me cheeses. And so I say, “sweetheart, would you give me some of your fresh Brie over there by the wing?” And then she would give me a bite of brie with a cracker. And then we land on the moon.”


HC: What is one thing people would be surprised to know about you?

CC: “I still like to put chips on my sandwich!”


HC: What qualities do you bring to a relationship?

CC: “I bring very romantic qualities, you know, laid back. I’m a baller. But don’t write that. I’m thoughtful. On the holidays especially, I am thoughtful. I do my best not to forget birthdays. I open the door for Kelsey.”


HC: What are the top 3 qualities you look for in a girlfriend?

CC: “She has to have a nice heart, have a sense of humor and I want her to smile a lot!”


HC: What is something that your girlfriend could do on a regular basis that is meaningful to you?

CC: “If she writes little love notes on my white board, I’d like that!”


HC: Are you familiar with the five love languages? What’s yours?

CC: “I love gifts. No, I’m joking. I like quality time!”


HC: Do you have any final words for Her Campus viewers?

CC: “Go Memphis Grizzlies. I just want to say to my girlfriend Kelsey, I love you. Let’s get a coffee later today. Hashtag call me back!”



HC: Casey has a bright personality and can connect with just about everyone. You might mistake him in the crowd for a quiet guy, but once you get to know him, the jokes never stop! Her Campus would like to thank Casey for his service and his sacrifice really does set him apart as this week’s Campus Cutie!